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Recycled Diamonds: The Sustainable Diamonds

WP Diamonds’ mantra is “Every Diamond Matters”. This means that it will take the time, through its dedicated teams, to value a collection of low quality melee stones with as much care and consideration as, at the other end of the scale, 1+ carat high value items.

Recycled Diamonds

These days, we all understand the importance of recycling and the issue of sustainability: reduce, re-use and recycle. But have you considered what that looks like when it comes to diamonds? Are you looking to buy or sell recycled diamonds? We take a closer look at whaat recycled diamonds are and how the advantages and benefits of recycled diamonds.


What Is A Recycled Diamond?

Recycled diamonds are diamonds that are not fresh from the mine. Also known as second-hand diamonds, reclaimed diamonds, pre-owned diamonds or used diamonds. These stones have a plethora of advantages when compared to “new” diamonds.


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What Are The Advantages Of Recycled Diamonds?

1. Good For The Environment

Even the lowest quality stones are capable of being re-cut and repackaged back into the jewelry sector. Recycling diamonds allows the flow of second-hand diamonds back into meaningful jewelry production. This in turn gives a strong ethical rationale by reducing the burden on mining activities and thus lessening environmental impacts. This is something which WP Diamonds, in common with a growing number of jewelers and consumers, takes very seriously.

While lab grown diamonds have gained a reputation as an eco-friendly alternative, they still require vast amounts of energy to produce. Which makes sense as diamonds are formed under immense pressure and heat.

Simply put: recycled diamonds are the most sustainable responsible jewelry purchase. Unlike newly mined diamonds or lab grown diamonds, they have nearly zero environmental impact.


2. Big Business

For the record, it is estimated that over 4.5 billion carats (900,000 kgs) of diamond have been extracted from the ground since mining first began. Due to the inherent hardness and durability of diamonds, much of this volume is still in circulation throughout the world. However, the recycled diamond business currently represents less than five per cent of the total diamond industry sales. A situation that WP Diamonds aims to redress.


3.  Cost Effective

Pre-owned diamonds are typically far most cost effective than their new counterparts. This is because pre-owned stones do not carry the hefty mark up added on at retail.


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Where To Sell Recycled Diamonds?

Whether you are selling inherited diamond jewelry or a diamond ring after divorce, you will want to get the best price for your diamonds.

Here lies the problem: finding a reliable, responsible and principled company to deal with might appear to be nigh-on impossible. The options are seemingly limited to pawn shops, lengthy auctions or attempting to sell luxury jewelry on platforms such as eBay. That is where WP Diamonds comes in.


About WP Diamonds: Leading Recycled Diamond Buyer

Established in 2012, at WP Diamonds, we specialize in providing a fast, easy and safe way to sell your pre-owned diamonds.

Our goal is to provide a modern and professional alternative for selling luxury items. No fees or commissions deducted, no middle-man or waiting for us to sell your items on your behalf. We buy your loose diamonds and diamond jewelry directly.

There are plenty of businesses set up to buy diamonds. However, very few prepared to offer a streamlined and trustworthy service that can take as little as 24 hours. And even fewer who have the diamond expertise and knowledge to offer competitive diamond prices.


Sustainability Is At The Heart Of What We Do

Second-hand diamonds bought by WP Diamonds go back into the supply chain, promoting an eco-friendly and environmentally responsible way to buy diamonds.

We believe that the luxury market needs to focus on sustainable practices. With an emphasis on purchasing pre-owned items already in circulation and selling luxury goods back into the market. This will help reduce manufacturing, mining and other activities detrimental to the environment.


Our Reputation

Our strong prices, exceptional customer care and speed of service have earned us an A+ BBB rating and over 1,000 customer reviews. We believe in honest price, transparent price quotes and do not believe in high pressure sales tactics or haggling. As such, we give our best price upfront for you to consider.



What We Purchase

We are proudly at the forefront of the pre-owned diamond movement: our mantra is “Every Diamond Matters”. This means that we take the time, through our dedicated diamond teams, to value all natural diamonds.

We buy a wide range of second-hand and used diamonds and recycle these back into the industry. From antique cut diamond rings to cushion cut diamond engagement rings to designer diamond jewelry and more. We buy diamond jewelry with a center stone of 0.5ct or larger, as well as designer jewelry, luxury watches and handbags.


How To Sell Recycled Diamonds

  1. Fill out our online form
  2. Receive a price quote
  3. Schedule an appointment or request a free and fully insured overnight shipping label
  4. Get a final price and get paid

Our service is fast, free entirely secure. We pride ourselves on offering stellar customer service as well as a discreet and high-end selling experience.

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Where To Buy Recycled Diamonds?

The most sustainable and environmentally way to buy a diamond is to buy recycled diamonds. Browse a wide range of recycled diamonds and pre-owned diamond jewelry at Gemma.

Not only are these better for the environment, as they do not contribute to new diamond mining, but they also are more affordable. Shop luxury diamond jewelry without ever compromising on quality.

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212 JQ Modern
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