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WP Diamonds Launches GIA Instant Offers

October 28, 2014 - Diamond Articles

WP Diamonds Launches ‘GIA Instant Offers’ to Buy GIA Certified Diamonds

GIA Instant Offers

WPDiamonds.com (WP), a leading online purchaser of diamond jewelry and loose diamonds directly from the public, today announced the launch of “GIA Instant Offers,” an innovative way to evaluate and provide quotes for diamond jewelry online. Under this new program, all customers with diamonds certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) will receive exact quotes for their jewelry online.

Traditionally, when customers would like to sell a diamond ring or sell loose diamonds online, they are presented with an initial price range with an upper and lower estimate from the purchaser for their jewelry, which is then subject to a subsequent in-person inspection. This two-step process is due to the variability of grading information available from different laboratories.

By utilizing GIA grading reports, WP Diamond’’s “GIA Instant Offers” gives consumers a smooth and certain outcome. Unlike traditional online purchasers, WP customers looking to sell GIA certified diamond jewelry online will receive an exact quote for their jewelry prior to sending it to WP’s valuation center. Through GIA “Instant Offers,” WPDiamonds.com will provide its customers a fixed price based solely on GIA grading information, reflecting GIA’s world-class, industry leading diamond grading standards. All diamond jewelry found to be in excellent condition, and that is as described in the GIA certificate, will receive the specified amount.

WP Diamonds’ purchasing capability is driven by a diamond grading team with over 55 years accumulated experience. Its diamond graders receive formal GIA training when they join the organization.

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