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Why Wear A Watch?

April 9, 2021 - Watch Articles
In this day and age, with smartphones and other technology at our fingertips, you may be wondering: why wear a watch? Are luxury watches now obsolete or are they still relevant? Our experts share their top 5 reasons to wear a watch.

From iphones to laptops to apple watches, there are now many alternatives to the wristwatch when it comes to telling time. And yet the luxury watch endures.


Why wear a watch?

  1. Functionality
  2. Status
  3. Style
  4. Sentimentality
  5. Resale Value


patek philippe timepiece


1. Functionality

There are few items in our everyday lives that are equal parts necessity and luxury. Watches are one of them as they serve a truly essential function.

Ultimately a watch is a more practical choice than relying on your smart phone. There are many scenarios, such as job interviews, where it is not appropriate to use your cell phone but you may still want to keep track of time.


franck muller


2. Status

Luxury watches have always been there to celebrate the next chapter in a man’s life. Watches make a great gift: when you graduate from high school or college you may be gifted a nice watch. When you get married you’re often gifted a nicer one, land your first big promotion you buy yourself an even fancier version. Luxury watches are the gift of choice to celebrate a landmark age or achievement.

They are a symbol of success and an item that you can be simultaneously proud of and grateful for. Patek Philippe, Rolex, Hublot, to name a few, are all luxury brand names that evoke status and prestige. They are big ticket purchases, worn with pride.


top reasons to wear a watch


3. Style

With so many options from brand to face color to dial size, the wristwatch is always personalized to the wearer’s needs and tastes, making them an easy and exciting way to showcase your personal style at all times. From yellow gold to white gold to stainless steel, to divers watches to dress watches to sports watches, choose a watch that fits your aesthetic.

A good watch is the ultimate fashion accessory for both men and women. Wearing a wristwatch is much more stylish and sophisticated than relying on your mobile phone to tell the time.

Your watch choice speaks volumes about your personal style. Most serious watch collectors have a variety of watches to match different outfits, occasions and activities.


piaget watch


4. Sentimentality

For centuries wrist watches have been passed down from generation to generation, making them a valued family heirloom for men and women around the world. Many will engrave the back with meaningful messages, ensuring that their history is preserved throughout their journey.

Much like jewelry, a watch holds emotional value and meaning.


rolex watch


5. Resale Value

Any watch lover will tell you that a luxury, high quality watch is always a great investment. They are built to last a lifetime, can be passed down to your children and are a staple luxury item.

Unlike a smartphone, they are not obsolete once the latest, more updated version comes out the following year. They tend to hold their value well and sometimes increase in value as time goes on, making it enticing to upgrade over the years.


In conclusion

If you are wondering ‘why wear a watch’ or ‘why buy a luxury watch’: ultimately, a luxury watch purchase is a considered purchase. One not based on passing trends or the latest technology fad, but on style, sophistication and longevity.

Grow your personal watch collection over the years: add in new brands, quartz watches, mechanical watches and more. You can do so selling or trading in your existing watches for new ones.


How to sell luxury watches

If you are looking to sell or upgrade your luxury watch, WP Diamonds is here to help. We provide a simple, seamless way to sell luxury watches, jewelry and handbags:

  1. To get started, complete our online form and our experts will be in touch with a price quote.
  2. Sell online (free shipping and insurance) or via appointment (NYC, Tokyo, Hong Kong and the UK)
  3. Get a final price
  4. Accept payment and get paid or we return your items to you


Why sell to WP Diamonds

WP Diamonds was launched in 2012, in response to a lack of viable options for selling luxury goods. We realized that the traditional selling options such were falling short:

  • Pawnbrokers are not specialized in luxury and do not provide a high-end selling experience
  • Auction houses have no guarantee of a sale and it is a long process
  • Selling online on listing platforms is also time consuming with no guarantee of a sale, and invariably, hidden costs

We wanted to create a fast, professional, trustworthy, transparent selling service:

  • Speed: The entire selling process is streamlined to sell in as little as 24 hours from start to finish. We buy your goods directly, there is no waiting for us to sell your items on your behalf
  • Free Service: No fees or commissions deducted from your final offer
  • Reputation: A+ BBB rated and over 1,000 customer reviews
  • Luxury Experts: Our team of experts have the industry expertise and knowledge of the second-hand market to make competitive offers on your items
  • Convenience: We offer the option to sell online, with our free shipping and insurance, or in person at our offices
  • International: With offices in New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo and in the UK, we work with hundreds of customers from around the world on a daily basis
  • Customer Service: You will work with one dedicated client manager throughout the entire process, on hand to answer any questions you may have
  • Transparent: We do not believe in using high pressure sales tacts, providing misleading prices quotes or lowball offers. We offer our best prices upfront

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