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Where To Sell Diamond Rings For The Best Prices

Wondering where to sell diamond rings for the best prices? With so many options available, we take a close look at the different diamond buyers available.

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People sell diamond rings and jewelry for a variety of reasons. In order to raise cash, to upgrade and refresh their jewelry box or to simply let go of jewelry that they no longer want or need. There are multiple ways in which you can sell a diamond engagement ring, from pawnbrokers to jewelers to online diamond ring buyers. But where can you sell diamond rings for the best prices?

The reality of selling diamond jewelry is that you will not only be looking for the best price. You will also want to consider how to sell diamond rings safely and how long the entire process will take.

Where To Sell Diamond Rings For The Best Prices?

To further understand what choices are available, take a closer look at how each option for selling diamond rings compares:

  1. Pawnbrokers & Jewelers
  2. eBay & Amazon
  3. Expert Diamond Buyers
  4. Diamond Buyer Overview


Sell Diamond Rings: Pawnbrokers and Jewelry

Low Prices

If you have ever tried to sell diamonds or diamond jewelry to a pawnbroker or a local jeweler, you know how low the offers can be. The reason pawnshops and jewelers offer so little is that they have to pay for the storefront and their employees which translates to a lower offer on your diamonds. Additionally, pawnbrokers lack the diamond knowledge and expertise to offer strongly on diamond items. Unable to accurately price diamonds results in conservative offers, as pawnbrokers do not want to risk making a loss.

Limited Selling Power

With a smaller consumer base than large, national companies and websites, pawnbrokers and jewelers are not able to give the highest prices. This is because when buying they have limited selling power. It is also worth pointing out that not all jewelry stores will necessarily be interested in your particular item. It depends entirely on their customer base and whether it is something that they could go on to sell.

If you are looking for a quick way to sell diamond rings, jewelry or loose diamonds for maximum profit, consider selling diamonds online.

sell diamond ring online

Sell Diamond Rings: eBay And Amazon

There are two types of online diamond sales. Here, we look at selling online from an auction or private seller websites like eBay or Amazon. This may seem like another great option, but there are drawbacks to be considered.

Not Diamond Specialists

First, these general sales websites are not particularly known for high-end jewelry or diamonds, so buyers are less likely to look for these items. In fact the majority of purchases are made by diamond traders looking for bargains, which puts you at a disadvantage when selling. Without specific diamond knowledge or the help of a diamond expert, you will be unable to know if you are pricing your item correctly or selling it too cheaply.

Slow Process

Second, your jewelry and diamonds will not sell as quickly, and you will have to wait longer for money that you need. Depending on your specific circumstances and reasons to sell, this may not best for you.

This is because you are waiting for an individual to be interested in your exact item and be willing to pay the price you are looking for. Going down this route can take weeks, months or simply may not ever sell. Many buyers like to be able to see jewelry in person before committing the sale.


There is also a trust issue to be considered when dealing with the public instead of professionals. Receiving money safely and on time depends on the individual you deal with. This makes looking where to sell diamond ring challenging and online diamond expert options an attractive alternative.


This is not a free service and you will pay a listing fee and sale fee. Be sure to factor this into the final amount you expect to receive should your diamond ring or diamond jewelry sell.


Another reason it may be difficult to sell diamond wedding ring, jewelry and loose diamonds direct to members of the public due to the stigma attached. Jewelry buyers want their piece of jewelry to feel unique and new. For this reason, buying a second hand engagement ring can be seen in a negative light. WP Diamonds fulfills that retailer role for you, taking all the hassle out of selling your diamond ring.

why sell diamond rings to WP Diamonds


Sell Diamond Rings: Expert Diamond Buyers

WP Diamonds is an A+ BBB rated, online buyer of diamonds, jewelry and luxury watches. Created in 2012 as an alternative to traditional diamond buyers, WP Diamonds offers a fast, free and entirely secure way to sell diamond rings for the best prices.

We buy your jewelry directly which makes for a quick and painless transaction and work with customers from around the world. With hundreds of online reviews and a team of GIA trained gemologists, you can be sure you are working with a large, established and professional diamond buying company.

Our expert gemologists can guarantee the best possible price on your diamonds because our overheads are vastly reduced. Since our company reaches so many more diamond consumers than any small storefront can, we are able to sell second-hand jewelry and diamonds faster. Our service is free of charge, with no obligation to sell and no fees or commissions deducted from your offer. We also can have all of our experts in one central location, which is something retail chains cannot do.

Anyone wondering where to sell diamonds will be happy to know that our diamond experts can give them the maximum amount based on over 150 years of cumulative diamond valuation experience. Quite simply, we have the best valuation team in the online purchasing market and our expertise means we can offer you the full value for you diamond.

How To Sell Diamond Rings To WP Diamonds:

  1. Fill out our online form to receive a price quote
  2. WP Diamonds provide free shipping and insurance to send your ring to our headquarters for expert valuation. Or, you can schedule an appointment in New York, the UK or Hong Kong.
  3. After receiving your jewelry or loose diamonds, our experts will give you a great offer, and you can have cash in 24 hours once you accept.

Get your bespoke price quote from WP Diamonds’ experts today.

OVERVIEW: Diamond Buyers

Jewelry Store/ Pawnbroker

Local to your areaSmaller audience
Lower prices
May not be interested in your items

eBay / Amazon

Easy to list diamond jewelrySlow process
Trust issues
Lack of diamond specialism
Mainly used by diamond buyers looking for bargains
Not a free service

Online Diamond Buyer

Competitive pricesIn person appointments limited to NYC, London, Hong Kong
Diamond experts
GIA trained gemologists
Quick turnaround
Free and secure service
Sell securely online in as little 24 hours

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