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When Should You Upgrade Your Engagement Ring?

October 15, 2019 - Diamond Articles
With the likes of Victoria Beckham who rotates between 14 engagement rings and a constant stream of engagement rings pictures on social media, have you ever considered upgrading your engagement ring? As diamond ring experts, we often get asked: When should you upgrade your engagement ring?

While there is no hard and fast rule for when you should upgrade your ring, there are three major factors that inspire women to upgrade their engagement rings. Keep reading as we share the most popular upgrade reasons, types of ring upgrades and how to get the diamond engagement ring of your dreams without draining your wallet.


When should you upgrade your engagement ring?

  1. When you have the financial means
  2. When you no longer love the style
  3. When renewing your vows


Find out how to:


1. When you have the financial means

Becoming more financially stable later in marriage is a major reason why women decide to upgrade their engagement rings. According to the US Census Bureau, in 2018 the average age of first marriage in the US was 27.8 years for women and 29.8 years for men. At this stage in life, with an upcoming wedding and perhaps a house to pay for, many couples do not have the funds to afford their dream engagement ring.

According to the Knot’s 2018 wedding survey, the average wedding costs $33,931. To cut costs, many young couples opt for a more affordable engagement ring so they can enter into their marriage with little to no debt.

If you have been married for 5, 10 or 20 years, however, you are likely more financially stable and have more disposable income than you were in your 20s. With greater income, you and your partner can afford a higher quality engagement ring without straining your finances making this the perfect time to upgrade your engagement ring.


When Should you Upgrade your Engagement Ring?


2. When you no longer love the style

From our personal preferences to global trends, style is always evolving. Our tastes change over time and that can apply to your diamond ring. A common reason to change your engagement ring is because you have fallen in love with another style or your current style does not suit your lifestyle.

Perhaps you no longer love your marquise engagement ring or your ring’s style no longer accommodates your lifestyle. If you need a ring that can withstand with all your adventures, such as hiking, rock climbing or keeping up with active children, a delicate ring may no longer be suitable.

You may consider upgrading your engagement ring to a sturdy bezel setting or opt for cushion cut center diamond that lacks sharp edges which can get chipped. Maybe you want something with more bling and wow factor, or maybe you simply want a larger center stone.


3. When renewing your vows

Renewing your vows is the perfect romantic time to upgrade your engagement ring, especially if it overlaps with a major anniversary. Vow renewals allow you to commemorate your unwavering love and can be as extravagant or relaxed as you want.

After you and your partner exchange your vows, you can opt for an upgraded engagement ring to make the ceremony extra special, symbolic of new beginnings.


When Should you Upgrade your Engagement Ring?


How to upgrade your engagement ring

There are plenty of ways you can upgrade your engagement ring to suit all budgets and styles:

  • Buy a ring enhancer: Ring enhancers are additional bands that you wear alongside your original ring. Ring enhancers come in a variety of styles with diamond accents that compliment your ring’s center diamond.
  • Upgrade the setting: Whether you want to change the ring’s metal type from a subtle white gold to a vibrant yellow gold or turn your simple solitaire band into a split shank, upgrading your engagement ring’s setting can dramatically change the look of your ring at a far lower cost than buying a brand new ring.
  • Add gemstone accents: From delicate pave bands, to halos and side stones, gemstones such as classic diamonds or vibrant sapphires will enhance the glamour and sparkle of your ring.
  • Upgrade the center diamond: If you love your original engagement ring’s setting you can simply opt for a diamond upgrade. There are plenty of diamond cuts to choose from such as geometric emeralds, classic rounds and romantic hearts. You could also pick a larger diamond or a better quality stone with higher grades such as exceptional cut or color grades.

How to afford your next engagement ring

The most affordable way to upgrade your engagement ring is to trade the old ring in for a new one. WP Diamonds is here to do just that. Sell your current engagement ring, diamonds, designer jewelry or luxury watches for cash OR 10% more on your offer in store credit with our jewelry store partner. Use the store credit to shop a wide range of engagement rings.


Why sell to WP Diamonds?

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  • Cut out the middleman: We buy your engagement ring directly, no long auctions or online listings that can take months with no guarantee of a sale. This makes for a fast and easy transaction with a clear final price.


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Bio: Written by one of our diamond, designer jewelry or luxury watch experts. With over 150 years of combined experience, our experts are able to comment on trends, share industry knowledge and provide diamond, designer jewelry and luxury watch education.

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