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What Is The Best Diamond Shape For Sparkle?

November 14, 2018 - Diamond Articles
Who hasn’t been charmed by the sparkle of a magnificent diamond? With the numerous diamond shapes on the market, you might have asked yourself, “What is the best diamond shape for sparkle?”.  Whether you are shopping for your perfect diamond or are ready for an upgrade, we will show you the best diamond shape for sparkle. In no time you will know how to identify the best diamond shape for sparkle, other diamond shapes with great sparkle and how to afford the diamond of your dreams.

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What is the best diamond shape for sparkle?

When it comes to selecting the best diamond shape for sparkle there is one clear choice, the round brilliant.

All diamond shapes have a unique facet pattern that determine a gemstone’s potential to sparkle and round diamonds were specially designed to create maximum sparkle. When light hits a diamond, it is reflected of the diamond’s facets (the flat surfaces cut into the diamond) which act like mirrors and allow light to bounce within the stone. Brilliance is the term for the light emitted from a diamond, commonly referred to as sparkle.

Best Diamond Cut for Sparkle


What is the best diamond shape for sparkle after the round?

Today, 75% of all diamonds sold are round, due to their versatility in various settings and magnificent sparkle. In addition to the round, there are other fancy diamond shapes that provide great sparkle such as the:

  1. Cushion cut diamonds are a great alternative to the round brilliant cut diamonds thanks to its 58 facets
  2. Oval cut diamonds also offer strong brilliance and fire
  3. Pear cut are a popular center stone thanks to their sparkle
  4. Heart

Diamond shapes that do not do well in terms of sparkle:

  1. Emerald cut diamonds are particularly poor in terms of sparkle due to their step cut
  2. Baguettes
  3. Marquise
  4. Princess cut diamonds
  5. Radiant cut diamonds


The importance of diamond cut: Keep in mind that a diamond’s sparkle is also determined by how well a stone is cut. The better a diamond is cut, the more easily it can reflect light and sparkle.

If a diamond is cut poorly, light will not be able to properly travel throughout the stone, making it appear dull and lifeless. Therefore, a well-cut round diamond and a poorly cut round diamond of the same carat weight will provide a different amount of sparkle.


The history of creating the best diamond cut for sparkle

The best diamond cut for sparkle was created by Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919. For his doctoral thesis at the University of London, Tolkowsky sought to determine the exact proportions of a diamond needed to maximize light dispersion.

Born in a family of diamond cutters and well versed in math and engineering, Tolkowsky believed that he possessed the skills to improve the standard of diamond cutting. Tolkowsky understood that if a diamond was cut too shallowly or deeply then light would escape out the sides and bottom of the stone, diminishing the diamond’s ability to sparkle.

What is the Best Diamond Cut for Sparkle

Tolkowsky created a mathematical formula for cutting diamonds proportionally, which was referred to as the “ideal cut,” enabling light to effectively reflect within the diamond and magnificently sparkle.

Prior to Tolkowsky’s discovery, diamond cutting was more of an art than an exact science. For example, old-miner and old-European cuts were cut and measured by hand with less advanced techniques. Even with Tolkowsky’s formula for the optimal diamond proportions, only an experienced diamond cutter can craft a diamond to meet these standards.


Tips for enhancing diamond sparkle

After reading our guide, are you ready to find your perfect diamond with fantastic sparkle? Now that you know the best diamond cut for sparkle, as well as other fantastic alternatives, we will show you how else you can enhance your diamond’s overall sparkle.

  1. Cut grade: The quality of the cut matters. If you choose a round diamond, ensure that you pick a diamond whose cut grade is Excellent or Very Good. With great cut grades, light will be able to best travel throughout the diamond and sparkle.
  2. The ring setting: The setting of your diamond is in can enhance or diminish its ability to sparkle. For example, if your diamond is in a bezel setting, then only the top of the diamond will be exposed to light. On the other hand, a prong setting will not obstruct the diamond and allow more light to enter into the stone.
  3. Halo: You may opt for a halo setting, in which your diamond will be encircled by a row of smaller diamonds. This way, the halo of diamonds will collectively add to your jewelry’s overall sparkle.

How to sell or upgrade your diamonds

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