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What is my Jewelry Worth?

October 28, 2019 - Jewelry Articles
Whether you have inherited jewelry or are cleaning out your jewelry box, you may have asked yourself: “what is my jewelry worth?”. More and more people are making the financially savvy choice to sell the jewelry they no longer love. But before selling your jewelry, learning its value is essential to ensure that you receive its full second-hand value. Keep reading as our luxury jewelry experts explain what your jewelry is worth, how to find a jewelry buyer you can trust and how to sell your luxury jewelry for the best price.

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What is my jewelry worth?

When selling diamond or designer jewelry, you can expect to receive 20% to 50% of the original purchase price. The exact percentage you will receive is dependent on various factors such as: brand, condition and market demand.

What is my Jewelry Worth?

Getting the value of your luxury jewelry is a complex process that is best done by a luxury jewelry expert. So what is your jewelry worth? Click the button below to receive an honest and competitive price quote for your jewelry.


It is important to note that you do not need to meet with an appraiser and pay to find out what your jewelry is worth. Why? Because not only will they charge for their services, but the value that they provide you with is a highly inflated value meant for insurance purposes only. It is not indicative of your jewelry’s second-hand value and is not a cash offer that they will honor.


Jewelry retail price vs jewelry resell price

As a first-time luxury jewelry seller wondering “what is my jewelry worth”, hearing that you will receive 20% to 50% of your jewelry’s original purchase price can come as a shock. It is important to understand the difference between retail price vs resell price.

  • Retail price: The retail price is how much you originally paid for your jewelry. Diamond expert, Jacob Worth, went undercover at popular luxury jewelry stores to uncover the exact markups on their diamond jewelry. Worth discovered that these luxury stores sold diamond jewelry with markups ranging from 250% to over 300%.
  • Resell price: The resell price is the amount you will be paid when selling your jewelry on the second-hand market. Just like driving a new car off the lot, the moment you step out of the store with your new jewelry, its value drops. Even if you never wore the jewelry or kept it in pristine condition, it will still experience a price drop of 20% to 50%.


Factors that impact the value of your jewelry

The value of your jewelry is based on multiple factors, including market demand, style and condition. To get an accurate online estimate of your jewelry’s worth, be sure to know the following about your jewelry:

  • Brand: Certain luxury brands such as Cartier, Tiffany, David Yurman, Bulgari and Van Cleef & Arpels better hold their value on the second-hand market, with select pieces of jewelry being resold for half of their purchase price.
  • Collection: Popular collections such as Van Cleef & Arpels’ Alhambra or Bulgari’s B.zero1 collection have strong demand.
  • Metal: Luxury jewelry is made in an array of metals such as 18k gold, platinum, sterling silver and titanium. Indicate your jewelry’s exact metal type.
  • Gemstones: Your jewelry may feature gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies or pearls. Specify your jewelry’s gemstones and their respective carat weights.
  • Condition: Jewelry that has been well cared for will have a stronger resell value than jewelry that is significantly damaged and requires costly repairs.
  • Box and Papers for Designer Jewelry: When purchased, your jewelry came with box and papers from its respective brand. Not only are these materials valuable for collectors and will increase your jewelry’s value, but you can also reference the paperwork to learn your jewelry’s characteristics such as its metal type and gemstones.
  • Diamond Certification: If you own diamond jewelry, it may have been sold with certification from a diamond grading lab such as the GIA. This report will confirm the qualities of your jewelry’s diamonds and increase its overall value.

With this information prepared, click the button below to see how much your jewelry is worth.


Best place to sell jewelry

There are a plethora of luxury jewelry selling options available to you. While you can submit your jewelry to auction, make a private ad or consign it with a local jeweler, these are long processes that can require months of waiting without the guarantee of sale. Why not skip the middleman and sell directly to the luxury jewelry experts? WP Diamonds was founded in 2012 by industry veterans to provide a high-end experience for selling luxury jewelry, diamonds and watches.

What is my Jewelry Worth?What makes WP Diamonds the smarter way to sell luxury jewelry?

  • High-End Selling Process: Our mission is to make selling luxury jewelry, diamonds and watches as seamless and enjoyable as the day you bought them.
  • Expert Staff: Our GIA trained gemologists have decades of experience and understand the intricacies of the second-hand luxury market.
  • Dedicated Client Manager: You will be paired with a dedicated client manager who will walk you through the selling process and answer all of your questions.
  • International: Every day we work with hundreds of clients across the world and offer appointments in New York, the UK and Hong Kong.
  • Sell Online or In Person: We offer the convivence of selling online and in person at one of our discreet and comfortable offices.
  • Secure: We provide clients with a free, fully insured, trackable and overnight shipping label to securely send their items to our office where packs are opened on camera.
  • Free: Our service is entirely free, even if you decline our offer. There are no fees or commissions deducted from your final price.
  • Fast: We buy your jewelry directly and the entire process can take as little as 24 hours.
  • Trusted: We are proud of our A+ rating with the BBB and hundreds of excellent customer reviews.

To get started, simply complete our online form with information about your luxury jewelry. Your dedicated client manager will contact you with your custom quote and walk you through the next steps of our selling process. Either request a free shipping label or schedule an appointment at one of our offices. Once our luxury jewelry team can assess your items in person, we will provide you with our final offer which you can accept by cash (in person appointments only), wire or check. If you do not love your offer, you can request to have your jewelry returned to you the next business day for free.

Click the button below to find out what your jewelry is worth.

Bio: Written by one of our diamond, designer jewelry or luxury watch experts. With over 150 years of combined experience, our experts are able to comment on trends, share industry knowledge and provide diamond, designer jewelry and luxury watch education.

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