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WP Diamonds provides an exceptionally fast and secure service for you to sell Rolex watches with complete confidence. We buy all kinds of Rolex timepieces for competitive prices: modern and vintage, men’s and lady’s. Whether you choose to sell Rolex watches with WP Diamonds online or via appointment in New York, we make the process simple. We are BBB A+ Rated watch buyers and you can receive money in as little as 24 hours. We pride ourselves on offering honest price quotes and offering unparalleled customer service for any luxury watch you want to sell.

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How to get a price for your Rolex watch

Click the ‘Get Your Offer’ button to start the process of selling Rolex watches today. Describe the condition of your item, whether or not you have the box and papers and the condition of these in the ‘Describe Your Item’ section of the form. This allows us to provide you with a more accurate price estimate.

WP Diamonds only buys genuine and authenticated timepieces. Our experts examine all items to identify counterfeit and stolen watches before making an offer.

How to Sell A Rolex Watch Online For The Best Price?

  1. Keep the box and papers – Make sure to keep your Rolex watch box and documentation. This increases resale values. If in good condition it will entice future owners of your watch.
  2. Keep the watch in a box – We recommend keeping your Rolex in a watch box to prevent damage to your item as this will have a direct impact on re-sale value.
  3. Service your watch – It is important to service your watch regularly and keep the service history documentation, provide this to WP Diamonds when selling Rolex watches. Rolex is one of the most iconic watch brands so keeping your Rolex in top condition and preparing it for sale is very important.
  4. Keep all bracelet links – Remember to include all the bracelet links if you are still in possession of them in the sale. Also state this on your inquiry.
  5. Take good photos when selling – Take photos from the front, back, sides and of the box and papers so we can give you the correct estimate.

How to Sell Rolex Watches


We buy all authentic Rolex collections and Rolex models, including:

Rolex Oyster

Rolex Oyster Professional

Rolex Cellini

Rolex Lady Oyster

– Rolex Pearlmaster

– Rolex Datejust and Lady-Datejust

– Rolex Sky Dweller

– Rolex Sea Dweller

– Rolex Air King

– Rolex Yacht Master

– Rolex Milgauss

– Rolex Day Date

– Rolex Daytona

– Rolex GMT Master

A History Of Excellence

Founded in London in 1905 by 24-year-old Hans Wildorf, a specialist in the distribution of timepieces, Hans wanted a name that was short, easy to say and remember in any language- and so Rolex was born. In 1926, Rolex developed the very first waterproof watch and continues in this vein of innovation into the present day with the invention of the Deepsea in 2008- waterproof to a depth of 3900m. Rolex’’s are perpetually in high demand and as such command one of the best resale values around. From the Oyster Professional to the Cellini, click the Get Your Offer button to receive your initial quote on your Rolex watch. One of our team members will be in touch shortly to establish the next steps with you.


Made For Adventure

Rolex has been designed for and worn by the biggest explorers of our times. Notably Mercedes Gleitze, the first woman to swim across the English Channel in 1927, who wore a Rolex Oyster. Sir Edmund Hillary himself wore an Explorer watch while conquering Mount Everest in 1953. Rolex has consistently developed watches for adventurers and explorers.

Leading Name In Watches

The leading name in luxury wristwatches and with some of the most prominent athletes choosing to wear Rolex (including Tiger Woods, Roger Federer and Lindsey Vonn), Rolex is consistently associated with workmanship, quality and collectibility.

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The WP Diamonds expert valuation team has over 150 years of experience in the watch, diamond and designer jewelry industry. We provide a professional and fair valuation of your Rolex timepiece. Our process ensures that you get will receive cash in your account in the quickest time possible.

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We trust our insurers and Brinks to transport your diamonds. We send you a free, fully insured FedEx overnight label. This is a free service that we offer you for your peace of mind. WP Diamonds always open your packages on video to make sure that both you and your diamonds are protected. We take the safety of your items seriously, do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our experts should you have any questions.

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