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One of the newest Patek creations for women, the Twenty 4 is a modern take on the classical Gondolo watches. This new design is made for active, yet elegant women who desire a watch that reflects their personality and style. Patek Twenty 4 timepieces are designed to be worn for all occasions.

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Released in 1999, the Patek Twenty 4 has less history than other watches throughout the brand’s line. Initially, this timepiece was designed to offer a feminine counterpart to the masculine nature of one of Patek’s famous watches, the Gondolo collection.

Distinguishing Features

Available in noble white gold, warm rose gold, cool steel and more – Patek Twenty 4 timepieces ooze elegance and world-class craftsmanship. Designed to feature a loving caress on a feminine wrist, the model’s most distinguished feature is the squared face. Wearers can combine Twenty 4 rings and earrings with this stunning timepiece for the ideal look.

Style: Elegant, refined and feminine.

Patek Philippe Collections

One of the most luxurious watch brands worldwide, Patek offers a variety of collections. The Patek Twenty 4 is a watch tailor made for women seeking luxury. Some other collections made famous by Patek include Calatrava, Aquanaut, and Grand Complications.

Vintage Patek Twenty 4

The watch was debuted in 1999, making it one of the newer Patek collections. Due to the later release of the Patek Twenty 4, there are no vintage timepieces in this collection. As such, resell values for Patek Twenty 4 can be strong, but the market for these watches seems stable.

How to know if my Patek Philippe Twenty 4 is not genuine?

For people owning a Patek Twenty 4 watch, the good news is women’s watches are less likely to be counterfeited. While true, there are still fraudulent watches in this collection on the market. If you have a Twenty 4 timepiece, the absolute best way to authenticate your luxury watch is by getting in touch. Here at WP Diamonds, our watch experts can determine the authenticity of your watch quickly. Just fill out our online form.

How Much Can I Receive For My Patek Philippe Twenty 4?

If you’re selling Patek Twenty 4, then pricing can be a concern. While the variability in pricing is lower than other luxury watches, details such as age, condition, papers and more will determine the price. Most individuals find a 20-40% return over their initial investment when selling Patek Twenty 4.

Where to Sell Patek Philippe Twenty 4?

If you hope to sell Patek Twenty 4 watches, then we want to help you. Here at WP Diamonds, we buy Patek Twenty 4 watches. Take a quick break from scouring the Internet and fill out our form online. One of our watch experts will quickly get in touch. Due to our fast customer service and simple process, most sellers find payment hits their bank account within 24 hours.

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When it comes to transporting and insuring your Patek Philippe Twenty 4, we arrange this with our insurers and Brinks. We send you a free and fully insured overnight FedEx label. The safety of your Patek Philippe Twenty 4 is of paramount importance to us and, as such, we always open items on camera.

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