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Patek Complications watches are designed in a way only the world’s best watchmakers could construct. A complication, when referring to watches, is any mechanical feature a watch may perform outside of telling time or date. Patek watches are the world leaders in creating complications that are incredibly useful in day to day life, like dual time zones, world time displays and annual calendars.

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In 1884 Jean Adrien Philippe and Antoine Norbert de Patek decided to pursue their passion for watchmaking in the UK. In that same year the company produced their first pocket watch with keyless stem winding and hand setting. Patek Philippe was one of the first watchmaking houses to do business in the US partnering with Tiffany & Co., a profitable relationship that still exists. From 1884 to the present Petek Philippe has introduced watch collections known for their reliability, longevity and innovative spirit. The Complications watch series further exemplifies that innovation with features such as a perpetual calendar, the thinnest split second chronograph and the minute repeater.

Distinguishing Features

Complications watchmaking is an art. These types of watches have been around for some time, and they remain popular with collectors due to their rarity. Over the years, these watches have unique features that add to their allure. Some innovative indicators including moon phase, power reserve, state of wind and many more.

Style: Exceptional, cutting edge and utilitarian.

Famous Wearers: Pablo Picasso

Patek Philippe Collections

Known around the globe for unparalleled excellence, Patek watches are a sought after commodity on every continent. While their Complications line is considered the world standard, the company’s most popular collection is the Calatrava. Other famous models include the Nautilus, Aquanaut and others.

Vintage Patek Philippe Complications

Second hand prices for Patek Complications can be astonishingly high, especially if the watch is considered vintage. Any Patek Complication watches that pre-dates 1980 is deemed a vintage watch. As a limited timepiece to begin with, the vintage versions of these watches are quite sought after.

How to know if my Patek Philippe Complications is real?

It is a little harder to create fake Patek Complications watches due to the intricate nature of their designs. That being said, you will still find some counterfeit models on the market. The only way to determine the authenticity of your timepiece is through an examination by a watch expert. Our staff at WP Diamonds is comprised of such professionals and can help you find out if your watch is genuine.

How Much Can I Get For My Patek Philippe Complications?

Resell values for Patek Complications can be exceptionally high. This depends on the condition, function, age, servicing, papers, original box, and more. Due to the high pricing, these watches can vary widely. Here at WP Diamonds, we have found the average Patek Complications watch sells for 20-50% over the original retail price.

Where to Sell Patek Philippe Complications?

If you’re selling Patek Complications, then you’ve found the perfect place to get top dollar. Here at WP Diamonds, we buy Patek Complications timepieces. Just fill out our online form and our watch specialists will get in touch. Our process is simple and straightforward. Many people who sell Patek Complications through us love that they receive payment so quickly.

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