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WP Diamonds provides an exceptionally fast and secure service for you to sell your Patek Philippe watch with complete confidence. We buy all kinds of Patek Philippe timepieces, modern and vintage. We purchase both gent’s and lady’s watches for competitive prices. Whether you sell online or via appointment we make the process very simple. WP Diamonds are BBB A+ Rated watch buyers.

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Patek Philippe stands out as the epitome of Swiss watch making excellence and the most prestigious of luxury watches. Established in 1851 by Antoni Patek and Adrien Philippe, the company mainly produces mechanical watches of the automatic and manual wind variety. With a strong resale price, popular models include the Calatrava, created in 1932, a classically elegant signature Patek piece, and the Nautilus. Receive a price quote from one of our experts today by filling out our online form. Click the Get Your Offer button to start the process today and we will be in touch shortly.

Technical Excellence

Patek is notable for manufacturing its own watch components. 1035 employees are involved in the production of one watch and it takes 3 to 5 years of research to develop a new model. With an average of 50 to 100 steps to make a Patek Philippe dial and production of a single movements component involving 1200 to 1500 steps, Patek is one of the most intricate watch brands around.

Most Expensive Watch Ever Sold

Patek Philippe also produced the most expensive watch ever sold at auction. Known as the Graves pocket watch or as the Supercomplication”, the watch sold for a massive $11,000,000 by Sothebys in December 1999.

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Find out how much you could get for your Patek Philippe watch today by clicking on Get Your Offer. Providing us with detailed information on your timepiece helps our experts give you an accurate price estimate. Please describe the condition of your watch, whether you have the box and papers and the condition of these in the Describe Your Item section.

WP Diamonds only buys genuine and authenticated timepieces. Our experts examine all items to identify counterfeit and stolen watches before making an offer.




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How to sell Your Patek Philippe Watch

How to Maximize the Value of Your Patek Philippe Watch

You can either send in your Patek Phillippe watch for our experts to value, or you can come in to meet with us in person. Either way, it’s the fastest and most simple process.

Watch Box and Documentation

Keeping these in great condition will increase the resale value of your Patek Philiipe.

Avoid Damage

Our experts recommend you keep your timepiece in its box to avoid any damage: becoming scratched, broken or scuffed. Damage to the watch has a direct impact on the price you will receive upon resell.

Service Your Patek

Service your watch regularly and remember to include all the links and service receipts.

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WP Diamond experts have 150 combined experience with luxury brands such as Patek Philippe. They have unique insight and contacts within the global markets to realize as much brand value as possible. We work hard to ensure you the best possible price as well as a quick and safe process.

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We believe that you should be able to sell your luxury watch online with complete peace of mind. This is why we have chosen to work with our insurers and Brinks to insure and transport your goods. You will receive a free, fully insured FedEx label from a member of our team so that you can send your item in free of charge, through a trusted supplier. You can rest assured that your items will be opened on camera.

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