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The pinnacle of Omega watches, the company’s Specialties line strives to go far above their original watch collections when crafting this line. Often, an Omega Specialties watch is created in a unique manner to ensure the highest levels of luxury and quality. Many Specialties can be difficult to find much less purchase. The exclusivity surrounding Omega Specialties makes the watch a collector’s dream and nightmare at the same time.

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As Omega Specialties watches are a rare breed. They don’t have the same level of history compared to other collections from the brand. Popular Omega Specialties include the Museum line within this collection, along with the diamond-accented bright orange Jewellery watch. Omega is also a partner of the Olympic Games, so the company produced an Olympic Specialties watch for each game. These are considered exceptional and rare.

Distinguishing Features

As the Specialties line isn’t a tried and true collection like other Omegas, it can be hard to list distinguishing features. Many of the Olympic watches feature Olympic rings with the Omega logo. Transparent dials are commonplace throughout this collection. Occasionally, the bezel and dial will be accented with diamonds to increase the air of luxury.

Famous wearers: James Bond and Elvis Presley.

Omega Specialities Models

– Omega Olympic

– Omega Olympic Official Timekeeper

– Omega Olympic Pocket Watch 1932

– Omega Museum

Omega Collections

Omega is made up of 5 collections: Seamaster, Aqua Terra, Speedmaster, DeVille, and Constellation. Along with the traditional lines, Omega also produces specialty watches in unique manners that are incredibly luxurious but traditionally, extremely difficult to acquire.

Vintage Omega Specialities

Due to the rarity and sheer elegance of many Omega Specialties, vintage models can fetch top dollar in an open market. Every Specialties before 1980 is considered vintage. If you’re interested in selling Omega Specialties, WP Diamonds pays a premium for vintage timepieces.

How to know if my Omega Specialities is not a fraud?

While it’s essential to ensure your Omega Specialties is authentic, most owners find doing so easier than with other collections. As Specialties were designed to be rare and collectible in the first place, most owners keep the timepieces in great shape and have the original box and papers. If you’re curious about the authenticity of your watch, WP Diamonds is available to examine your Omega Specialties and determine if it’s genuine. We make sure selling Omega Specialties isn’t difficult for our customers.

How much can I get for my Omega Constellation?

Most watch owners find the market pays top dollar, since many individuals are looking to buy Omega Specialties. As these watches typically retain value well, in some cases you can see as much as 20% returns over the original retail price. Some rarer vintage timepieces command upwards of 50% over their retail price at the time of purchase. And don’t forget, if you have the original box and papers then the watch will command an even higher price.

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