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Omega DeVille is a stunning luxury timepiece known for its classic appeal and timeless elegance. A simple, younger and some would say, more vibrant version of the Seamaster, the DeVille came to life in 1967. Designed for a modern tastefulness, the Omega DeVille features two-zone dials and can be prominently worn for many years to come.

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As the most popular timepiece in Omega’s line, the DeVille has been prominently featured in a number of ways. Winning six ‘Golden Roses’ from the Baden-Baden Design Awards throughout the 1970’s, the Omega DeVille has a storied history. The watch has also been awarded the prestigious Grand Prix Triomphe de l’Excellence Européenne.

Distinguishing Features

All models feature water-resistance, self-winding capabilities or quartz capabilities. Certain newer models (post-1999) offer a unique co-axial escapement. Due to the shock resistance and co axial escapement of the Omega DeVille, among other factors, the timepieces rarely require servicing. Because of these features and the classic styling, the resell value for Omega DeVille watches can be strong.

Famous wearers: George Clooney, James Bond and Cindy Burbridge.

Omega DeVille Models

– Ladymatic Omega Co-axial 34 mm

– Hour Vision Omega Co-axial Master Chronometer Annual Calendar 41 mm

– Hour Vision Omega Co-axial Master Chronometer 41 mm

– Hour Vision “Orbis” Omega Co-axial Master Chronometer 41 mm

– Hour Vision Omega Co-axial Annual Calendar 41 mm

– Hour Vision Omega Co-axial 41 mm

– Tresor Omega Master Co-axial 40 mm

– Prestige Co Axial Power Reserve 30.5 mm

– Prestige Co-axial 39.5 mm

– Prestige Co-axial 36.8 mm

– Prestige Co-axial 32.7 mm

– Prestige Quartz 32.7 mm

– Prestige Quartz 27.4 mm

– Prestige Quartz 24.4 mm

– De Ville Omega Co-Axial Chronograph 42 mm

– De Ville Omega Co-Axial Annual Calendar 41 mm

– De Ville Omega Co-Axial 41 mm

– Tourbillion Co-axial Numbered Edition 44 mm

– Tourbillion Co-axial Limited Edition 38.7 mm

– Tourbillion Co-axialNumbered Edition 38.7 mm

Omega Collections

Omega is made up of 5 collections: Seamaster, Aqua Terra, Speedmaster, DeVille and Constellation. Rising to the top of Omega’s line, the DeVille quickly became the company’s most popular watch. Today all of the Omega lines are popular investments.

Vintage Omega DeVille

Born in 1967, the Omega DeVille has a little less history than some other models. DeVille timepieces that pre-date 1980 are considered vintage. Some vintage Omega DeVille watches command high prices on the second-hand market, especially vintage models from limited editions. If you’re curious about how to sell Omega Deville watches, here at WP Diamonds, we pay top dollar for vintage timepieces.

How to know if my Omega DeVille is not a fraud?

Establishing the authenticity of your Omega DeVille timepiece can be difficult, especially when you’re ready to sell. You’d need a watch expert to examine your timepiece and determine if it’s real. Our certified watch examiners here at WP Diamonds are always available to determine the authenticity of your DeVille, and offer you a fair price.

How much can I get for my Omega DeVille?

Second hand prices for Omega DeVille are typically strong. The watch is known for retaining its value well, and has historically offered 20-40% returns of the original retail cost. These values vary based on model, condition, and other criteria. It’s important to note that the original box and papers significantly add to the value of your timepiece. If you have serviced your timepiece continually over the years, you’ll receive more when selling Omega DeVille watches, as well.

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