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As one of the world famous watchmaker’s newer lines, the Jaeger Geophysic timepieces seamlessly combine the old with the new. Based on a classic 1958 design, the Geophysic offers collectors the modern technology and practicality coupled with the classic styling and svelte design.

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The new Jaeger Geophysic line was released in 2014 to astounding fanfare. Many have claimed the company did an incredible job of designing a collection around a classic watch from 1958. While 2014 is the official release date for these watches, the 1958 models are considered incredibly valuable and timeless.

Distinguishing Features

Jaeger Geophysic timepieces are world-renowned for their subtle styling and classic nature. The watch doesn’t offer any distinguishing features. The value of a Geophysic piece comes from the simple, yet elegant design and the modern technology.

StyleSvelte styling, classical elegance, pure innovation

Jaeger Lecoultre Geophysic Models

– Jaeger Geophysic Classic

– Jaeger Geophysic Complications

Jaeger Lecoultre Collections

As a new Jaeger collection, the Geophysic line has taken off rapidly. However, many of the company’s other collections are even more popular, including the Reverso, Hybris Mechanica, Master, and Rendez-Vous collections.

Vintage Jaeger Geophysic

Other than the 1958 model that these watches were based on, there is no vintage model of the Jaeger Geophysic. A watch often must pre-date 1980 for it to be considered vintage. Clearly, a line released in 2014 would not qualify. Even without vintage models, resell values for Jaeger Geophysic watches remains high.

How to know if my Jaeger Geophysic is real?

As this line of watches is newer and simply designed, one may find fraudulent Jaeger Geophysics on the market. Many copies are hard to discern from the real thing. The only way to know if your watch is authentic is to have a watch expert examine the piece. Luckily, we have many on staff here at WP Diamonds. Just fill out our online form and one of them will be in touch.

How Much Can I Get For My Jaeger Geophysic?

Second-hand prices for Jaeger Geophysic watches don’t vary much due to the age. The condition, model, servicing, original box, papers, and more will help determine the exact resale value. If you’re selling Jaeger Geophysic watches, you can often expect a 20-40% return over your initial investment.

Where to Sell Jaeger Geophysic?

If you’d like to sell Jaeger Geophysic watches, then you’re in luck. At WP Diamonds, we buy Jaeger Geophysic watches! Just fill out our online form and one of our watch experts will be in touch shortly. Many sellers find a payment deposited in their bank account within 24 hours.

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