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This collection is designed after Leonardo da Vinci, one of the greatest minds in the history of the world. He was an inventor, an artist and a visionary. Like the master himself, the IWC da Vinci designs were ahead of their time, created to reflect da Vinci’s brilliance and innovative nature.

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Known for continually being ahead of its time, the IWC Da Vinci collection was unveiled in 1969. The watch was released to much fanfare due to its change in the history of measurement and precision. The Da Vinci utilized the game-changing Beta 21 Series Quartz Movement.

Distinguishing Features

An innovative timepiece, the da Vinci family offers wearers a variety of stunning highlights. One feature many would say distinguishes this collection from others is the remarkable nature and shape of the watch face. A rectangle with obtuse, angled sides produces a look unlike many other luxury watches. They also produce round watches.

Famous Wearers: Michael Douglas, Eric Dane

Style: Unique elegance, stunning innovation, exceptional movements


– Da Vinci Automatic

– Da Vinci Chronograph

– Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month

– Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Edition Kurt Klaus

IWC Collections

The IWC Da Vinci collection is one innovative line for the world famous watchmaker. Yet, IWC has numerous popular models. Some of the most famous watches from IWC include the Pilot, Ingenieur, Portugeiser, Aquatimer, and Portofino.

Vintage IWC Da Vinci

As the IWC Da Vinci collection is a bit older, you can find vintage models on the market. Any IWC Da Vinci timepiece pre-dating 1980 can be considered vintage. Resale values for IWC Da Vinci watches considered vintage remain excellent due to the fanfare of the collection.

How to know if my IWC Da Vinci is genuine?

There have been many IWC Da Vinci models reported to be counterfeited. The only way to determine the authenticity of your timepiece is through examination from a watch expert. We have a few on staff. If you’re selling IWC Da Vinci, just fill out our form and one of our watch authorities will be in touch shortly.

How Much Can I Receive For My IWC Da Vinci?

Second-hand prices for IWC Da Vinci will be determined by a few factors. The age, condition, servicing, model, original box, papers and more will determine the value of your watch. Many people selling IWC da Vinci watches find a 20-40% return over their initial investment.

Where to Sell IWC Da Vinci?

If you’d like to sell IWC Da Vinci watches, you’re in the perfect place. We buy IWC Da Vinci at WP Diamonds. Just fill out our online form and a watch expert will quickly get in touch with you. Many sellers find our payment in their bank account within 24 hours of completing the transaction.

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