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Where to Sell Ronde de Cartier watches?

If you’re looking to sell Ronde de Cartier watches, WP Diamonds is here to help. Simply fill out our online form to receive your bespoke price quote from the experts. We buy Cartier watches directly, meaning that there is no middle man and the entire process can take as little as 24 hours. Our professional service is free of charge, with no fees or commissions deducted from your final price.

WP Diamonds was created in 2012 as the modern and streamlined alternative to traditional watch buyers. Sell online or via appointment, our unparalleled customer service, ease of transaction and strong prices have earned us hundreds of customer reviews and an A+ BBB rating.

What is My Ronde de Cartier Watch worth?

Second-hand prices for Ronde de Cartier can vary. The age, condition, model, servicing, original papers and more will determine how much you can sell Ronde de Cartier for. Many sellers find a 20-40% return over their initial investment.

How to know if my Ronde de Cartier watch is real?

With a timeless design, counterfeiters have easily been able to replicate this watch. Often, an expert is needed to determine the validity of a Ronde. At WP Diamonds, we have watch professionals on staff. If you’re selling Ronde de Cartier, then fill in our online form, and one will get in touch.

Sell Vintage Ronde de Cartier Watches

Like many of Cartier’s newer releases, the Ronde de Cartier doesn’t offer any vintage models. There are no Ronde de Cartier that pre-date 1980. Still, resale values for Ronde de Cartier remain fairly strong due to the timelessness of the piece.

Cartier Collections

A favorite Cartier collection, the Ronde has seen its fanfare steadily increase. This collection certainly is not the most popular for the famous watchmaker. Incredibly popular Cartier collections include the Tank, Ballon Bleu, Calibre, Cle, Rotonde, and Santos.


Recently released, the Ronde de Cartier doesn’t have a storied history like many other Cartier collections. The family still has great popularity with wearers looking for a timeless look that’s incredibly functional.

Distinguishing Features

If you’re looking for timeless elegance, then the Ronde de Cartier is the answer. Timeless and highly functional, the Ronde de Cartier makes a great addition to any collection. A simple, yet sophisticated watch family – the Ronde celebrates a perfect circle with stunning architecture. Like most Cartier pieces, the Ronde features Roman numerals in black and sword-shaped hands in blue steel. The main distinguishing feature of the Ronde de Cartier is the perfect circle that forms the stunning face of this timepiece.

Famous Wearers: Amber Heard

StyleTimeless elegance, smooth luxury, perfected functionality

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