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Looking to sell Cartier Baignoire watches? As leading luxury watch buyer, we offer a fast, safe and convenient way to sell Cartier Baignoire watches online or via appointment. As one of Cartier’s premier watches for women, the Cartier Baignoire is truly an exceptional timepiece. One of the older styles from this famous brand, the Cartier Baignoire is known for its elegance, timelessness and style.

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How Much Can I Get For My Cartier Baignoire?

Second-hand prices for Cartier Baignoire can vary widely. Age, condition, model, servicing, original box, papers and more determine the value. Depending on these factors, most people selling Cartier Baignoire watches receive 20%-50% of the original purchase price.

Where to Sell Cartier Baignoire for the most money?

If you would like to sell Cartier Baignoire watches, then WP Diamonds is the watch buyer for you. As an international diamond, jewelry and watch buyer with offices in the US, UK and Hong Kong, our global reach allows us to offer the most competitive prices. Our team of industry experts are constantly analyzing the second-hand watch market to determine the best prices we can provide. Simply fill out our online form and one of our client managers will contact you. Sell online and our free service can take as little as 24 hours. You also have the option of selling in person at one of our valuation centers. 


How to know if my Cartier Baignoire is real?

There are numerous counterfeit models of this watch on the market. To ensure your Cartier Baignoire is authentic, you need to have the piece examined by a watch expert, such as the ones on our staff. Just fill out the online form and one will quickly get in touch.

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With over 150 years of experience in buying luxury watches, jewelry and diamonds, our team of experts will provide you with a valuation of your Cartier Baignoire watch. We pride ourselves on our A+ BBB rating, hundreds of customer reviews and the safety of our free service. Sell your Cartier Baignoire watch in as little as 24 hours online or via appointment. Simply fill out our online form to receive your price quote.

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Cartier Collections

The Cartier Baignoire collection is one of the company’s premier lines for women. Cartier also has numerous men’s and gender neutral styles that are incredibly popular. Some of these collections include the Tank, Ballon Bleu de Cartier, Ronde de Cartier, and Calibre de Cartier.

History of Cartier

The watch that would eventually become the Cartier Baignoire was developed in the early 1900s to demonstrate Cartier’s ability to create unique timepieces for all. Fanfare for this timeless watch has only grown over the years.

Distinguishing Features

As with most Cartier pieces, Roman numerals, and steel blue hands adorn the face of this classic watch. One distinguishing feature stems from the unique, yet elegant ellipse shape formed in a single line on the Cartier Baignoire.


Sell Vintage Cartier Baignoire

There are a few vintage Cartier Baignoire watches on the market due to the age of this timepiece. Any Cartier Baignoire pre-dating 1980 is considered vintage. If you’re selling Cartier Baignoire, many have found resale values for Cartier Baignoire vintage models to be strong.



When it comes to transporting and insuring your Cartier Baignoire watch, we organize this through our insurers and Brinks. We email you a free and fully insured overnight FedEx shipping label. The security of your Cartier watch is of paramount importance to us and, as such, we always open packages on camera.

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