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A classic watch from one of the finest watchmakers in the world, the Breitling Transocean is understated and elegant. While the watch is known for its classic styling, some of the most complicated timepieces ever released from Breitling came from this collection.

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An elegant watch stemming from its roots in the 1950s, the Transocean has numerous uses and styling. Commonly viewed as an understated piece, many are surprised to find Breitling has made some of the most complex timepieces of all time with this collection.

Distinguishing Features

The Transocean’s feature that many would consider distinguishes the collection from all the rest is actually its subtle elegance. The watch typically has no flamboyant features to its name, but one will always find a strong class in the Transocean. Clean, fixed bezels are common along with elegant shapes and casings.

Style: Classical elegance, contemporary styling, refined practicality

Famous Wearers: David Beckham

Breitling Collections

Making some of the best watches worldwide by hand, Breitling is known for a number of its famous collections. While the Transocean line is popular, the company has numerous models with great fanfare. Some of the most popular collections include the Avenger, Professional, Chronomat, and Navitimer.

Vintage Breitling Transocean

An older timepiece, you’ll find vintage models of the Breitling Transocean available. Any watch that pre-dates 1980 is considered vintage when talking about this collection. Resell values for Breitling Transocean vintage models remain incredibly strong, pending condition and authenticity.

How to know if my Breitling Transocean is real?

Speaking of authenticating your Breitling Transocean, if you’re curious about whether your timepiece is genuine or not, we can help. Here at WP Diamonds, our watch experts specialize in determining authenticity. If you’re selling Breitling Transocean, just fill out our online form, and we will be in touch shortly.

How Much Can I Expect to Receive for My Breitling Transocean?

When you want to sell Breitling Transocean, pricing will come to mind. Second-hand prices for Breitling Transocean are consistent. The price you can sell your timepiece for will be determined by the original box, papers, servicing, condition, age and other factors. Many individuals find a 20-40% return over their initial investment when selling the Breitling Transocean collection.

Where to Sell Breitling Transocean?

If you’re selling, we buy Breitling Transocean. At WP Diamonds, we offer a simple and straightforward process that ensures payment deposited into your bank account within 24 hours. Just fill out our form and one of our certified watch specialists will quickly be in touch.

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