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Known as the best luxury watches to tackle treacherous terrains and vastly popular in the aeronautical industry, the Breitling Professional seriesis a simple, yet stunning collection. Powerful timepieces designed to offer all the technical features you’ve come to expect in an effective watch. If you’re looking for a hard-working wrist instrument, the Professional is it.

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Released in 1985, the Breitling Professional series is a relatively newer line of timepieces. The watch was designed with functionality in mind, as wearers find numerous useful and unique features on their watches. Many models include an electronic multifunction chronometer, along with other beneficial distinctions.

Distinguishing Features

Outside of the numerous functionality features that bolster the usefulness of these timepieces, many wearers cherish the titanium displays. The titanium bracelet found of most Professional series timepieces is also alluring. Breitling produces one of the lightest luxury watches in the Professional.

Style: Powerful, dynamic, remarkable and lightweight.

Famous Wearers: Harrison Ford, Buzz Aldrin, Brad Pitt

Breitling Collections

Breitling, one the premier watchmakers in the world, has a variety of stunning collections to its name. While the Professional line is popular, the company has a few others that rival the rugged, yet stunning line. Some of the most famous Breitling collections include the Avenger, Chronoliner, and Chronomat.

Vintage Breitling Professional

As the Breitling Professional series was launched in 1985, the watch doesn’t have a vintage footprint. No Breitling Professional watches pre-date 1980, so there are no vintage models. Luckily, due to the dynamic durability of this timepiece – resale values for Breitling Professional watches remain strong.

How to know if my Breitling Professional is genuine?

As Breitling Professional timepieces are luxurious and popular worldwide, you’ll find fraudulent timepieces rampant. The only way to ensure your watch is real is by authenticating it. To do so, simply fill out our online form and one of our watch specialists will get in touch shortly.

How Much Can I Expect to Receive for My Breitling Professional?

When selling Breitling Professional is important to you, the question of pricing will be a concern. Luckily, second-hand prices for Breitling Professional are continually strong. The total price you can sell Breitling Professional for depends on age, condition, original box, papers, servicing and more. Most find a 20-40% return over initial investment when selling these models.

Where to Sell Breitling Professional?

If you’d like to sell Breitling Professional, we are here to help. At WP Diamonds, we buy Breitling Professional. Just take a quick second to fill out our online form. One of our watch specialists will check it out and quickly get in touch with you. Due to our speedy and straightforward process, most sellers find the payment deposited in their bank account within 24 hours.

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