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What To Do When Valentine’s Day Goes Wrong

February 16, 2017 - Relationship Articles

Valentine’s Day does not always go to plan. It’s an unfortunate, but not that uncommon, occurrence. We recently asked for your Valentine’s Day disasters and wanted to share the biggest fails:

Linda, 36

Linda, 36

“Three years ago I had been dating this guy for exactly a year when he took me to a fancy restaurant on Valentine’s Day, which also happened to be our anniversary. Half way through dinner I see him get down on one knee and I immediately start crying. He looks up at me, completely shocked, and says “Oh, no, I just dropped my napkin.” As he sat back in his chair he started laughing and says, “I can’t believe you thought I was proposing.” He could tell I was hurt and made stupid jokes to try and ease the tension through the rest of dinner. When the check came, he flipped it over and wrote something down, then flipped it back over and said he was going to the restroom. When I looked up a few minutes later I spotted him exiting the restaurant! I quickly grabbed the check on which he wrote, “You’re not the marrying type, have a nice life, we’re through.” So not only did I get dumped on Valentine’s Day AND our one year anniversary, but I got stuck paying the bill on top of it. Major fail.”


Carla, 29

“When I was 25 I went on a blind date with a friend of a friend. Before the date, I was looking at some photos and started texting my friend about this guy and his hair, asking her opinions and begging her to call me to make sure I should go out with him. After multiple messages with no response, I looked down to see that I accidentally texted my date, about himself, the entire time! He went out with me anyway and years later, he’s now my fiancé! Sometimes fails work out for the best.”


Eric, 28

“Unfortunately I have more than a few Valentine’s Day fails but the worst happened about twelve years ago when I was with my now ex-girlfriend. I had purchased a cheap engagement ring from the pawnshop, planning to propose to her on Valentine’s Day with her entire family there to witness and support. I set everything up perfectly with dinner at her Aunt’s house, which would be followed by a surprise hotel room that I had waiting for her at the end of the night. I asked her brother to lead her into the living room after dinner where I would be waiting for her on one knee. Everything was going according to plan. Then came the big moment…she came into the room immediately smiling and blushing as she saw me on one knee, holding a ring box. As she extended her hand and I asked her to marry me, I placed the ring on her finger. I stopped talking halfway through as I noticed everyone was laughing. As I looked down, the diamond had actually fallen out of the ring! Beyond humiliating.”


Stephanie, 59 

“My husband and I had only been married for about three years when he was forced to work a last minute job away from home. Back then there were no cell phones so I was left home alone on Valentine’s Day without an explanation. I was hurt, angry and worried all at the same time. The next night he came home with a gift that he saw at a store on his way…a dozen artificial bright orange roses. My reception of this bouquet was not what he expected. I took one look and realized it was an arrangement for a cemetery marker! Let’s make sure we never confuse Valentine’s Day and Memorial Day.”


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