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With a total population of 6,971,406, Washington is the 13th most populous of the 50 United States, and also the 18th largest by size with an approximate land area of 66,455.52 square miles. The state is named after the US’s first president, George Washington. If you live in Washington and need to find a good business to sell your diamonds, you can have a look to see what we have listed in your area by clicking on the links below. You can also find out more about WP Diamonds’ online service by exploring the rest of our site.


Diamond Buyers

  • Bennetts Masonic Supply Co
    1000 U St NW
    Zip code: 20001
  • Brookland Watch Clock & Jwlry
    3924 12th St NE
    Zip code: 20017
  • Burton Finkelstein
    1405 Ridgeview Way NW
    Zip code: 20007
  • Charles Schwartz & Son Jwlrs
    1400 F St NW
    Zip code: 20004
  • Continental Jewelers
    1001 Connecticut Ave NW # 210
    Zip code: 20036
    (202) 833-3366
    (202) 223-6716
  • Dana Jewelry
    929 H St NE
    Zip code: 20002
  • Legendary Beast
    1520 U St NW
    Zip code: 20009
  • Mervis Diamond Importers
    1700 K St NW
    Zip code: 20006
    (202) 293-1612
    (202) 857-5684
  • Michael Getz Antiques Inc
    2918 M St NW
    Zip code: 20007
    (202) 338-3811
    (202) 965-3901
  • Phoenix
    1514 Wisconsin Ave NW
    Zip code: 20007
  • Silverado Silver Jewelry
    635 A St SE
    Zip code: 20003
  • Star Pawn Shop
    1313 Rhode Island Ave NE
    Zip code: 20018
  • Town Jewelers
    3305 Connecticut Ave NW
    Zip code: 20008
    (202) 364-1900
    (202) 364-1901
  • William Cobb Institute
    1012 10th St NW
    Zip code: 20001

Washington DC is the city that houses the President, and is the capital of the United States of America, with a population of approximately 650 thousand habitants. The city was named after President George Washington, and is technically not part of any State, remaining independent, this way it is not supporting any political party. It houses some of the most important monuments, and museums in the country, drawing a massive amount of tourists every year. One of the most emblematic monuments in Washington is the Lincoln Memorial, which has millions of visitors per year. The national museum of natural History is the most visited natural history museum in the world and the most visited in any kind in North America, and is part of the Smithsonian Institution, which operates 19 museums and the National Zoo. The national Air and Space Museum is also a historic museum to visit, as it holds the biggest aircraft and spacecraft collection in the world. These museums are located in the National Mall, which is a big park that is located between the Lincoln Memorial and the United States Capitol, which houses the United States Congress.

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