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Cities: 12, Businesses: 108, Businesses with websites: 46

With a total of 82,169.62 square miles, Utah is the 13th most extensive state in the US. It is the 33rd largest by population, and the tenth least populous with an average of 33.6 persons per square mile. It gets its name from the Ute tribe, meaning “people of the mountains”. If you’re reading this, you’re probably on the search for a decent diamond buyer for your unwanted jewelry – specifically, in Utah. Click below to see what we have listed, and make sure you browse our own site too to see what quote an online buyer might be able to offer you.

LaytonPawnbrokers: 1Diamond buyers: 0
LoganPawnbrokers: 0Diamond buyers: 1
OgdenPawnbrokers: 1Diamond buyers: 1
OremPawnbrokers: 6Diamond buyers: 15
ProvoPawnbrokers: 7Diamond buyers: 14
RivertonPawnbrokers: 0Diamond buyers: 1
SalinaPawnbrokers: 1Diamond buyers: 0
Salt Lake CityPawnbrokers: 16Diamond buyers: 20
SandyPawnbrokers: 0Diamond buyers: 1
St GeorgePawnbrokers: 0Diamond buyers: 1
West JordanPawnbrokers: 5Diamond buyers: 5
West Valley CityPawnbrokers: 4Diamond buyers: 8