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When you try to sell diamonds in Cincinnati, Ohio you may go to your local pawn shop or gold buyers first, but maybe you want to find more than just one or two options. Below, we’ve listed all of the diamond buyers in Cincinnati, Ohio, as well as all of the watch buyers in Cincinnati, Ohio that we could find, just in case you are also looking to sell watches in Cincinnati, Ohio. While a lot of these shops will be normal stores, there are a select few that will offer cash for diamonds in Cincinnati, Ohio, which with a little bit of research could end up being a great option.
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Diamond Buyers

  • Amrein Diamonds
    9632 Colerain Ave
    Zip code: 45251
  • Dakota Watch Co
    28 W 4th St # 215
    Zip code: 45202
  • Dakota Watch Co
    7875 Montgomery Rd # K1
    Zip code: 45236
  • Fred Meyer Jewelers
    4601 Eastgate Blvd # 312
    Zip code: 45245
  • J Peck Jewelers
    1949 Madison Rd
    Zip code: 45206
  • Madeira Jewelers
    7754 Camargo Rd # 7
    Zip code: 45243
  • Money Vault Jewelry
    7764 Colerain Ave
    Zip code: 45239
  • Montgomery Jewelers Inc
    9400 Montgomery Rd # B
    Zip code: 45242
  • Mt Washington Jewelers
    2107 Beechmont Ave
    Zip code: 45230
    (513) 231-8735
    (513) 231-9758
  • Newstedt-Loring Andrews
    2647 Erie Ave
    Zip code: 45208
  • Pink Box
    6929 Miami Ave
    Zip code: 45243
  • Robin James Jewelers
    6593 Glenway Ave
    Zip code: 45211
    (513) 598-9655
    (513) 598-9677
  • Southern Oh Gold & Silver Exch
    10944 Hamilton Ave
    Zip code: 45231
  • Sprindale Jewelry & Coin
    11500 Springfield Pike
    Zip code: 45246
  • Utes Unique Lifestyle Jewelry
    7789 Cooper Rd
    Zip code: 45242

First settled in 1788, Cincinnati has continued to grow and thrive, becoming the 3rd largest city in Ohio, and the 65th largest in the United States, with a population of over 298 thousand people. It was founded by European Americans in 1788 and was given the name ‘Losantiville,” but in 1790, Arthur St. Clair who was the governer of the Northwest Territory renamed it Cincinnati in honor of the Society of Cincinnati, which was made up of Revolutionary War veterans. Today, there is a huge sports presence in the City, with two major teams calling it home: the Cincinnati Reds (the oldest franchise in Major League Baseball) and the Cincinnati Bengals in the National Football League. It is also home to the University of Cincinnati, founded in 1819, and one of the 50 largest universities in the United States. It is even sometimes referred to as the “Paris of America,” due to the amazing architecture the city represents, highlighting ambitious projects like the Music Hall, Cincinnatian Hotel, and the Shillito Department Store. The importance of sports in Cincinnati makes the Great American Ball Park a perfect place to visit while you’re in town. It’s the home field of the Cincinnati Red’s, which opened in 2003, and hosted the 2015 Major League Baseball All-Star Game. Another prevalent part of Cincinnati is its deep German roots, due to the amount of German immigrants that entered in the mid to late nineteenth century, and brought with them their culture. Mainly, the German food and drinks are what stuck around the most, with two annual festivals (Oktoberfest Zinzinnati and Bockfest) dedicated to them. Outside of those events, you can also visit the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, which is the second-oldest zoo in the United States, having opened in 1875 just 14 months after the Philadelphia Zoo. You can also check out the Cincinnati Art Museum, which is one of the oldest art museums in the United States, founded in 1881. It has a collection of over 67,000 works spanning 6,000 years of human history, making it one of the most comprehensive collections in the Midwest.

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