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Are you looking to get cash for diamonds in Charlotte, North Carolina? If you want to sell diamonds or sell luxury watches, there are many businesses in Charlotte—including pawnbrokers, gold buyers, watch buyers, and diamond buyers—that make it easy for you to get cash for your diamonds. The directory below will give you some local options.

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Also known as the Queen City, Charlotte takes its name from Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, the queen consort of Great Britain at the time of the city’s founding. Ironically, the city later earned the nickname The Hornet’s Nest when the residents of Charlotte drove out a British commander during the American Revolutionary War. The commander, General Cornwallis, afterward wrote that Charlotte was “a hornet’s nest of rebellion.” The city embraced the name, dubbing their NBA team the Hornets. But the sport that has really made the city famous is racing. Charlotte has become practically synonymous with NASCAR. The very soul of the United States motorsports industry resides here, with Charlotte the home of several NASCAR offices, the NASCAR Hall of Fame, and the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Three out of four NASCAR race teams, drivers, and employees are based near Charlotte. With such a strong racing presence, it makes perfect sense that energy would be of utmost interest. Aptly referred to as The New Energy Capital, Charlotte has more than 240 energy sector companies. The University of North Carolina at Charlotte trains energy engineers and also conducts energy-oriented research. Charlotte is also a major player in the financial world. It has become one of the largest banking centers in the United States, second only to New York City. The Charlotte area also houses eight Fortune 500 companies, the largest of which is Bank of America. Whether fighting for freedom, racing for the finish line, creating energy, or fueling the economy, Charlotte is certainly a city of great power.

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