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With a population of 8,405,837 as estimated in 2013 by the US Census Bureau, New York is the most populous city in the United States, as well as the most densely populated of the US’s major cities.

Originally a trading post founded by Dutch Republic colonists in 1624, the establishment since came under English control and has grown to become a global power city. Now in the 21st Century, New York holds considerable financial sway in not just the country, but in the world; it has one of the world’s biggest natural harbors, is home to Wall Street and a world-leading financial district, and hosts the headquarters of the United Nations. According to the ACCRA Cost of Living Index, New York (Manhattan) is also the most expensive urban area in which to live in the US.

Characteristic landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Times Square and the Empire State building have become symbols of the city and cement it as a cultural center. As a city that also welcomes roughly 55 million visitors per year for both tourism and business purposes, it is no wonder New York is considered to be the capital of the world both financially and culturally.

A number of acclaimed educational institutions take residence in the city, including the Columbia, New York and Rockefeller Universities, and New York itself has the highest number of students enrolled in higher education in the country, which in 2014 stood at 600,000. This thriving center is also home to one of WP Diamonds’ offices, and presents the perfect opportunity to sell your diamonds and luxury watches directly. So as well as exploring your pawnbroking and diamond buyer options below, you can schedule an appointment with us to have your jewelry valued by our BBB accredited expert team, who can make you an instant offer.

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