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Cities: 9, Businesses: 106, Businesses with websites: 43

One of the largest of the 50 United States with a land area of 121,298.15 square miles, New Mexico has a population of just over 2 million. It has the highest percentage of Hispanics in the country which in 2013 stood at 47.3%, compared to the national average of 17.1%. If you would like to sell your diamonds in the Land of Enchantment, select the city in which you live and see what your options are. You can also try your luck with an online service like WP Diamonds whose experts accept your diamonds for valuation by delivery, no matter where you are in the US.

Albuquerque Pawnbrokers: 14 Diamond buyers: 18
Cerrillos Pawnbrokers: 0 Diamond buyers: 1
Deming Pawnbrokers: 0 Diamond buyers: 1
Las Cruces Pawnbrokers: 8 Diamond buyers: 15
Rio Rancho Pawnbrokers: 1 Diamond buyers: 4
Roswell Pawnbrokers: 5 Diamond buyers: 11
Ruidoso Pawnbrokers: 0 Diamond buyers: 1
Santa Fe Pawnbrokers: 9 Diamond buyers: 17
Taos Pawnbrokers: 1 Diamond buyers: 0