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If you are selling diamonds in Henderson, Nevada you may be frustrated with all of the options you have, and the same goes for trying to sell watches in Henderson, Nevada. This is why we’ve compiled a lost of a lot of the diamond buyers in Henderson, Nevada and watch buyers in Henderson, Nevada. Most of them are either pawn shops or gold buyers, each with pros and cons that you’ll have to research so you get the correct return for your diamond rings and jewelry, or Rolex watch. One pro in most of these shops is that they want to make a quick sale, so will often offer fast cash for diamonds in Henderson, Nevada.
For an alternative option that is just as fast though, you should look online at WP Diamonds. At WP Diamonds, we have experts on hand that will know how to value your piece, and have the experience with the secondhand market to give you a fair and competitive price. After reading through our many reviews from previous customers, we feel you will come to the conclusion that WP Diamonds is the professional and safest bet for your diamond jewelry and watches.


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Henderson is the second largest city in Nevada, after Las Vegas, and has a population of over 285 thousand people. It has been deemed by Forbes as ‘America’s second safest city,’ and also as ‘One of the best cities to live in America,’ by Bloomberg. It first emerged as a township in the 1940s, during World War II as it was the home of a Basic Magnesium Plant, and quickly became a main supplier of magnesium in the United States. It supplied this “miracle metal” to the US War Department for incendiary munition casings and airplane engines, frames, and other parts. Now, as a modern city, there is an increasing number of major shopping malls, movie theaters, restaurants, and casino resorts, to offer residents a variety of leisure activities in the area. It also is only a short trip from the world famous Las Vegas strip. One of the most well-known events in Henderson is their “Shakespeare in the Park” festival, which celebrated its tenth anniversary in 1996, which means its 20th anniversary was just this past year. It shows the cities long standing support for the arts and cultural programs in the area. Another must see in the area in the Clark County Museum which includes the Anna Roberts Parks Exhibit Hall and Heritage Street, which contains eight historic buildings from the county. It focuses on the history from the southernmost county in Nevada, with an emphasis on the Early Native American inhabitants. For a more luxurious outing, you can visit the ‘M Resort Spa Casino’ which is a boutique hotel and casino. It includes a 92,000 square foot casino, a 390 room hotel, and has a four star rating, boasting the title as “one of the finest hotels in the world”.

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