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With a total of 2,790,136 people in its land area of 109,781.18 square miles, Nevada is the seventh largest state and the ninth least densely populated, with an approximate 24.6 persons per square mile (estimated by the US Census Bureau). It has an average per capita income of $27,003 and is nicknamed the “Silver State”, the material being an important feature of Nevada’s economy. If you have any unwanted silver – or gold for that matter – and are looking for a good diamond buyer in your area, click on the cities below to explore over sixty different branches. You can also consider selling your diamonds online to services like WP Diamonds who will be happy to give you a quote, no matter where you live in the US.

Henderson Pawnbrokers: 15 Diamond buyers: 15
Las Vegas Pawnbrokers: 17 Diamond buyers: 23
North Las Vegas Pawnbrokers: 12 Diamond buyers: 4
Reno Pawnbrokers: 15 Diamond buyers: 15
Sparks Pawnbrokers: 7 Diamond buyers: 10
Stateline Pawnbrokers: 0 Diamond buyers: 1