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Cities: 11, Businesses: 45, Businesses with websites: 18

Nebraska has a population of 1,868,516 and an average per capita income of $26,523, as estimated by the US Census Bureau in 2013 and 2012 respectively. Nebraska is named for the Otoe translation of “flat water”, after the Platte River flowing through the state. Select a city to have a look at what Nebraska has to offer you by way of diamond-buyers and pawnbrokers. You can also visit the rest of our site to find out more about selling your jewelry to WP Diamonds, an online service that can potentially offer you a higher price for your diamonds thanks to our reduced overheads.

BeatricePawnbrokers: 1Diamond buyers: 0
Bellevue NebraskaPawnbrokers: 3Diamond buyers: 0
ChadronPawnbrokers: 1Diamond buyers: 0
Grand IslandPawnbrokers: 3Diamond buyers: 0
KearneyPawnbrokers: 1Diamond buyers: 0
La VistaPawnbrokers: 1Diamond buyers: 0
LincolnPawnbrokers: 12Diamond buyers: 0
North PlattePawnbrokers: 1Diamond buyers: 0
OmahaPawnbrokers: 20Diamond buyers: 0
RushvillePawnbrokers: 1Diamond buyers: 0
ScottsbluffPawnbrokers: 1Diamond buyers: 0