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Cities: 15, Businesses: 127, Businesses with websites: 32

Located in New England, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has a population of 6,692,824 as estimated by the US Census Bureau in 2013. With an average of 839.4 people per square mile, Massachusetts is the third most densely populated state in the US. To find the right price for your unwanted diamond, browse through the state’s 60 businesses and explore the rest of our site to find out more about America’s largest diamond and jewelry purchaser from the public.

BostonPawnbrokers: 10Diamond buyers: 17
BrooklinePawnbrokers: 0Diamond buyers: 1
CambridgePawnbrokers: 0Diamond buyers: 15
ConcordPawnbrokers: 0Diamond buyers: 1
Harwich PortPawnbrokers: 0Diamond buyers: 1
LowellPawnbrokers: 7Diamond buyers: 15
New BedfordPawnbrokers: 0Diamond buyers: 1
NewtonPawnbrokers: 0Diamond buyers: 1
NewtonvillePawnbrokers: 1Diamond buyers: 0
North DartmouthPawnbrokers: 0Diamond buyers: 1
SalemPawnbrokers: 0Diamond buyers: 1
SpringfieldPawnbrokers: 12Diamond buyers: 16
WebsterPawnbrokers: 1Diamond buyers: 0
WorcesterPawnbrokers: 9Diamond buyers: 16
WrenthamPawnbrokers: 0Diamond buyers: 1