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Are you looking to sell diamonds or to sell watches in Portland, Oregon? There are pawn shops or gold buyers that are always willing to buy your jewelry and trade cash for diamonds in Portland, Oregon that you should be sure to check out. Below we’ve listed some diamonds buyers in Portland, Oregon to help get you started, but be sure to research them further. If you find a legitimate buyer, be sure to bring a diamond certificate to increase the value of your diamond. It is also important to come equipped when visiting watch buyers in Portland, Oregon. Having the box and papers that came with your original timepiece is imperative when selling watches in Portland, Oregon, whether it is a Rolex watch, or any luxury timepiece. But, there are also some alternatives to these local options. For instance, WP Diamonds, knows how the market works, and how to get you the best possible price for your piece, and in a safe and secure way. We have customers from all around the world, and have garnered a reputation for bringing great customer service, fair prices, and an efficient way of doing business. Our certified experts will be authenticating your diamond rings, jewelry and designer watches to give you the return that your piece deserves.


  • Coastal Trading & Pawn
    292 Saint John St # A
    Zip code: 4102
  • Coastal Trading & Pawn
    637 Forest Ave
    Zip code: 4101
  • M A Storck Co
    651 Forest Ave
    Zip code: 4101
    (207) 774-7271
    (207) 774-7272

Diamond Buyers

  • Alex & Ani
    215 Commercial St
    Zip code: 4101
  • Andrew Nelson & Co
    2 Monument Sq # 7
    Zip code: 4101
    (207) 775-1135
    (207) 775-4345
  • Arcana
    81 Market St
    Zip code: 4101
  • Cross Jewelers
    570 Congress St
    Zip code: 4101
  • D Cole Jewelers
    10 Exchange St
    Zip code: 4101
    (207) 772-5119
    (207) 772-1601
  • Folia Jewelry
    50 Exchange St
    Zip code: 4101
  • Jennifer Nielsen Hand-Crafted
    250 Anderson St
    Zip code: 4101
  • Lovell Designs Inc
    26 Exchange St
    Zip code: 4101
    (207) 828-5303
    (207) 828-1067
  • Nelson Rarities Inc
    2 Monument Sq # 701
    Zip code: 4101
    (207) 775-3150
    (207) 775-4345
  • Portland Jeweler
    993 Forest Ave
    Zip code: 4103
  • Silver Moon
    10 Exchange St
    Zip code: 4101
  • Springer’s Jewelers
    580 Congress St
    Zip code: 4101
    (207) 772-5404
    (207) 772-0482
  • Stonehome Estate Jewelers
    50 Exchange St # 1
    Zip code: 4101
  • Toko
    9 Exchange St
    Zip code: 4101
  • Turtle Love Co
    110 Marginal Way # 300
    Zip code: 4101

With nearly 650 thousand habitants, Portland is the 26th most populous city in the United States, and the largest in Oregon. It is known for leading the way in innovation with a great deal of pedestrians’ zone and great public transportation. People can move around the city very easily by bike or by walking. The city has a lot of parks and green areas as well that are very well preserved, and kept thriving with all of the rain they receive in the winters. Even though it is full of local sites, like the smallest park in the world, a two foot circle, they are growing in popularity. Many North American Headquarters of multinational companies, such as Nike and Adidas, can be found in Portland, and it has attracted performances by many famous singers and movie stars. One of the biggest rock star couples that settled in Portland was Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, both creating timeless music in the city. It is often said to have a very quirky vibe, with local unique traditions like the “Brew and View”, or in other words, a beer and a movie. They also have many cultural destinations like the Oregon Museum of science and industry, the Portland Art Museum, the Oregon Historical society Museum, and the Oregon Maritime Museum.

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