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Cities: 10, Businesses: 130, Businesses with websites: 37

Located on the southern coast of the US, Louisiana has a population of 4,625,470 as estimated in 2013. A state divided into parishes, it has an overall average per capital income of $24,264. Its official nickname is the Pelican State because of the bird that is found along Louisiana’s coast. If you live in Louisiana, there are over 60 businesses for you to browse through, about half of which have websites. You can also check out our own to see if selling to an online diamond-buyer like WP Diamonds is another possible option.

AmitePawnbrokers: 0Diamond buyers: 1
Baton RougePawnbrokers: 16Diamond buyers: 18
EunicePawnbrokers: 0Diamond buyers: 1
GallianoPawnbrokers: 0Diamond buyers: 1
HoumaPawnbrokers: 0Diamond buyers: 1
JenningsPawnbrokers: 1Diamond buyers: 0
LafayettePawnbrokers: 8Diamond buyers: 15
Lake CharlesPawnbrokers: 4Diamond buyers: 16
New OrleansPawnbrokers: 9Diamond buyers: 16
ShreveportPawnbrokers: 5Diamond buyers: 18