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At the point where the Ohio and Licking Rivers meet lies Covington, the fifth largest city of Kentucky. It has a population of 40,956 as estimated by the US Census Bureau in 2013 and an average per capita income of $20,563 as estimated in 2012. Covington has a decent number of broking and diamond-buying businesses. The best place for diamond-buyers particularly is Madison Avenue, so take a trip down or consider selling your diamonds online through WP Diamonds for a hassle-free option that may also present more opportunity to make a profit from your jewelry.


Diamond Buyers

  • Cash-In-A-Flash
    527 Madison Ave
    Zip code: 41011
  • Denny Heglin Music & Pawn
    723 Madison Ave
    Zip code: 41011
    (859) 491-6600
    (859) 331-7072
  • Motch Jewelers
    613 Madison Ave
    Zip code: 41011
    (859) 431-1745
    (859) 431-4584
  • Quik Cash
    409 Madison Ave
    Zip code: 41011
  • Schulz & Sons Diamond Jewelers
    2202 Dixie Hwy
    Zip code: 41017
    (859) 331-2888
    (859) 331-2895

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