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With a population of 12.9 million as estimated in 2013, Illinois is the 5th most populous state in the US. Its official slogan is “The Land of Lincoln”, having been the state in which the president’s political career had first begun. It is also nicknamed The Prairie State thanks to its natural landscape of prairie grasses. If you are a diamonds owner hoping to sell on your diamonds, watches or jewelry for a good price, Chicago is your best bet, but there are other businesses dotted around the state. If you’d rather save time checking out local companies, you can consider getting a free quote from WP Diamonds whose experts will value your diamond when you deliver it free from the comfort of your own home.

AntiochPawnbrokers: 1Diamond buyers: 0
AuroraPawnbrokers: 13Diamond buyers: 0
ChicagoPawnbrokers: 20Diamond buyers: 0
CollinsvillePawnbrokers: 1Diamond buyers: 0
DarienPawnbrokers: 1Diamond buyers: 0
Downers GrovePawnbrokers: 1Diamond buyers: 0
ElginPawnbrokers: 1Diamond buyers: 0
GenevaPawnbrokers: 1Diamond buyers: 0
JolietPawnbrokers: 5Diamond buyers: 0
NapervillePawnbrokers: 10Diamond buyers: 0
NorthbrookPawnbrokers: 1Diamond buyers: 0
OttawaPawnbrokers: 1Diamond buyers: 0
RockfordPawnbrokers: 15Diamond buyers: 0
SkokiePawnbrokers: 1Diamond buyers: 0
Villa ParkPawnbrokers: 1Diamond buyers: 0