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Located in the north west of the United States, the mountainous state of Idaho has a population of just over 1.6 million. It is America’s 7th least densely populated state, with a mere 19 persons per square mile compared with the US average of 87.4. It is nicknamed the “Gem State” and is rich in industrial minerals, boasting 72 different kinds of gemstones – rumour has it, the biggest ever diamond found in the US was unearthed in Idaho. If you are an Idahoan wishing to mine the state for all its diamond-buying worth, click the links below to find the cities closest to you, or browse our site for a potentially faster, cheaper option.

BoisePawnbrokers: 18Diamond buyers: 0
BurleyPawnbrokers: 1Diamond buyers: 0
FruitlandPawnbrokers: 1Diamond buyers: 0
Idaho FallsPawnbrokers: 10Diamond buyers: 0
LewistonPawnbrokers: 2Diamond buyers: 0
MeridianPawnbrokers: 7Diamond buyers: 0
NampaPawnbrokers: 14Diamond buyers: 0
ParmaPawnbrokers: 1Diamond buyers: 0
PocatelloPawnbrokers: 10Diamond buyers: 0
Twin FallsPawnbrokers: 1Diamond buyers: 0