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“The City that Works” has a population of 125,109 (as estimated in 2012) and a hefty per capita income of $43,408. The ACCRA Cost of Living Index ranked Stamford as its 6th most expensive urban area in the United States. It was once nicknamed “Lock City” thanks to the world-famous lock and key makers Yale and Towne who were once situated in the city, and its financial district often now goes by the name of “Little Manhattan.” If you’re a Stamfordite on the lookout for a great deal on your unwanted jewelry, explore your local options or consider selling online to companies like WP Diamonds for a potentially more lucrative deal.


  • Northeastern Metals Corp
    130 Lenox Ave # 23
    Zip code: 6906
    (203) 348-8088
    (203) 961-1823

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