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California is the most populous state in the US with over 38 million residents. At a size of over 158,000 square miles, it is also the US’s third largest. Home to more than 663,000 millionaires, its economy is on a par with those of the world’s largest countries, boasting a GSP (Gross State Product) of over $2 trillion. Though nicknamed “The Golden State,” California’s ownership of diamonds and other jewelry is also high. At such a sprawling size, the CAPA (California Pawnbrokers Association) was founded in 1956 in order to unite the pawnbroker businesses across this wide-ranging state. California boasts some of the nations best jewelry stores and has some of the highest jewelry purchasing values in the whole country. Residents of California can sell their diamonds and jewelry online for convenience and great prices or spend time visiting local options. WP Diamonds offers a comprehensive diamonds and designer jewelry buying service to Californian residents with appointments also available in the Los Angeles office. Sell your diamonds, jewelry and watches today in California.

Beverly Hills Pawnbrokers: 0 Diamond buyers: 1
Compton Pawnbrokers: 0 Diamond buyers: 1
Encino Pawnbrokers: 0 Diamond buyers: 1
Fresno Pawnbrokers: 15 Diamond buyers: 15
Los Angeles Pawnbrokers: 14 Diamond buyers: 17
Modesto Pawnbrokers: 0 Diamond buyers: 1
North Hollywood Pawnbrokers: 1 Diamond buyers: 0
Sacramento Pawnbrokers: 0 Diamond buyers: 1
Salinas Pawnbrokers: 0 Diamond buyers: 1
San Diego Pawnbrokers: 16 Diamond buyers: 16
San Fernando Pawnbrokers: 0 Diamond buyers: 1
San Francisco Pawnbrokers: 14 Diamond buyers: 15
San Jose Pawnbrokers: 14 Diamond buyers: 14