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Cities: 9, Businesses: 129, Businesses with websites: 34

The sixth largest state by land size in the US, Arizona is home to one of the “Seven Natural Wonders of the World.” It also boats a population of 6.6 million people and a Per Capita Personal Income of nearly $35,000. For the highest concentration of diamond buyers in the Copper State, we advise you visit the capital Phoenix, or give one of our consultants a call to explore your online options.

Chandler Pawnbrokers: 13 Diamond buyers: 16
Jerome Pawnbrokers: 0 Diamond buyers: 1
Mesa Pawnbrokers: 16 Diamond buyers: 16
Peoria Pawnbrokers: 0 Diamond buyers: 1
Phoenix Pawnbrokers: 14 Diamond buyers: 18
Prescott Valley Pawnbrokers: 0 Diamond buyers: 1
Scottsdale Pawnbrokers: 0 Diamond buyers: 3
Tempe Pawnbrokers: 1 Diamond buyers: 0
Tucson Pawnbrokers: 14 Diamond buyers: 15