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  • Alaska Mint
    429 W 4th Ave
    Zip code: 99501
    (907) 278-8414
    (907) 278-8415
  • Alaska Super Pawn
    9810 Whitefish Cir
    Zip code: 99508
    (907) 258-0229
    (907) 258-0276
  • B & C Pawn
    4040 Marquis Way
    Zip code: 99502
  • Cash America Pawn
    1413 Gambell St
    Zip code: 99501
    (907) 277-1229
    (907) 277-1415
  • Cash America Pawn
    150 Muldoon Rd
    Zip code: 99504
    (907) 338-3297
    (907) 333-3492
  • Cash America Pawn
    229 W Fireweed Ln
    Zip code: 99503
    (907) 272-3511
    (907) 770-0510
  • Cash America Pawn
    2911 Spenard Rd
    Zip code: 99503
    (907) 561-1630
    (907) 562-4271
  • Cash America Pawn
    3920 Mountain View Dr
    Zip code: 99508
    (907) 276-7296
    (907) 279-1605
  • Cash America Pawn
    901 E Dimond Blvd
    Zip code: 99515
  • Easy Day & Second Hands
    171 Muldoon Rd # 114
    Zip code: 99504
  • Easy Pawn
    361 Muldoon Rd
    Zip code: 99504
  • Gold Buyers
    320 W 5th Ave # 219
    Zip code: 99501
  • Moneyworks Inc
    545 E Northern Lights Blvd # A
    Zip code: 99503
  • Nugget Check Cashing
    3607 Arctic Blvd
    Zip code: 99503
  • Price Busters Inc
    4231 Mountain View Dr
    Zip code: 99508
    (907) 278-9200
    (907) 278-9202
  • Ron’s Pawn Shop
    1515 E Tudor Rd
    Zip code: 99507
    (907) 561-2027
    (907) 563-3397
  • Southside Trade & Loan Co
    9410 Old Seward Hwy
    Zip code: 99515
  • Spenard Pawn Shop
    3205 Spenard Rd
    Zip code: 99503
    (907) 561-3503
    (907) 562-9982
  • Tudor Pawn
    2808 E Tudor Rd # 1
    Zip code: 99507
    (907) 561-2454
    (907) 561-4230

Anchorage has over 298 thousand residents and is Alaska’s most populous city, containing more than 40 percent of the state’s total population. It is located on the south-central portion of Alaska, at the terminus of the Cook inlet, and has been named the most tax-friendly city in the United States because of its low cost of living. The area is very well-known for its diverse wildlife that lives amongst the people, as is the rest of Alaska. The different animals that can be found while walking around anchorage are 250 black bears, 60 grizzly bears, and 250 moose (as many as 1000 during their winter migration south). While all of the wildlife is beautiful, they do pose a hazard, especially when driving, as there are almost 100 moose killed by cars every year. Visited by a lot of outdoor lovers, a main attraction is the Tony Knowles Outdoor Trail, which is an 11-mile long trail along the coast of Anchorage, Alaska designated for non-motorized use. It starts on Second Avenue in downtown Anchorage, and finishes in Kincaid Park. You can also pop into the Anchorage Museum which is a large art, history, ethnography, ecology, and science museum located in the heart of Anchorage. It is dedicated to studying and exploring the land, peoples, art, and history of Alaska and displays both a permanent collection, as well as regular visiting exhibitions. You can also check out the Alaska Native Heritage Center if you are interested in learning more about the heritage of Alaska’s 11 major cultural groups. It also feature six life-sized Native dwellings surrounding Lake Tiulana.