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Cities: 13, Businesses: 161, Businesses with websites: 42

Tucked away in the southeastern region of the USA, the “Heart of Dixie” has a population of nearly 5 million and a median per capita income of almost $23,000. The star blue quartz is the state’s official gemstone, but most people are interested in more precious rocks. If you live in Sweet Home Alabama and want to sell on your jewelry, you’ll find a fair few pawn brokers dotted all over – but diamond buyers are thinner on the ground. Your best bets are in the main cities: Alabama’s most populated city, its largest city, its oldest, and of course, its capital (Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile and Montgomery respectively). Of course, this makes shopping around for the best price hard. Diamond owners might find it more time effective to sell their jewelry online on sites like WP Diamonds, whose free shipping and valuation service makes the process simple, no matter where you are in the US.

Alabaster Pawnbrokers: 2 Diamond buyers: 0
Albertville Pawnbrokers: 1 Diamond buyers: 0
Anniston Pawnbrokers: 1 Diamond buyers: 0
Bessemer Pawnbrokers: 1 Diamond buyers: 0
Birmingham Pawnbrokers: 16 Diamond buyers: 14
Fairhope Pawnbrokers: 0 Diamond buyers: 1
Gardendale Pawnbrokers: 1 Diamond buyers: 0
Hamilton Pawnbrokers: 1 Diamond buyers: 0
Huntsville Pawnbrokers: 15 Diamond buyers: 16
Mobile Pawnbrokers: 14 Diamond buyers: 17
Montgomery Pawnbrokers: 17 Diamond buyers: 15
Pelham Pawnbrokers: 1 Diamond buyers: 0
Tuscaloosa Pawnbrokers: 13 Diamond buyers: 15