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Specialist UK Diamond Buyers

Sell your diamonds online or in person, in as little as 48 hours to the leading UK diamond buyers. We buy your diamond jewellery directly, no fees or commissions deducted from your final offer. With offices in London, Birmingham, NYC, Hong Kong and Japan, WP Diamonds is one of the largest diamond buyers in the world.

How It Works

At WP Diamonds, our selling process is fast and simple. We are committed to offering our clients transparency, accuracy and the best possible prices.

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1. Complete our online form

Don’t worry, it’s easy.

sell loose diamonds online

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2. We will be in touch with your price quote

This will be based on the information you have provided.

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3. Free, fully insured shipping OR schedule an appointment

We provide free and fully insured shipping, or appointments in Birmingham, London, Hong Kong or Tokyo.

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4. Our experts will be in touch with a final price and can get you paid

Accept the offer and get paid, or we return your items free of charge.

What We Buy

Our team is uniquely placed to know the value of used/second hand diamonds and return as much of that value to you. We give you solid, independent advice when selling your diamond items.

Unfortunately there are some loose diamonds we cannot accept.

 Diamonds we accept

  • Uncertified and certified diamonds of 0.5ct +
  • GIA certified fancy coloured diamonds
  • Designer diamond jewellery of all sizes: Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels and more

 Diamonds we do not accept

  • Lab grown diamonds
  • Diamonds less than 0.5ct +
  • Cubic Zirconia
  • Moissanite
  • Rough diamonds
  • Black or brown diamonds

Watch Our Process In Action

Comparing UK Diamond Buyers

Choosing an online diamond buyer rather than a local buyer allows you to obtain a consistency in pricing and gain access to a centralised valuation team. At WP Diamonds, we offer a methodical and professional approach to valuation and purchasing in contrast to non specialist buyers or smaller operations without the market experience.

WP Diamonds is a specialist UK diamond buyer, buying diamonds direct from the public. We have unrivaled knowledge of the second hand diamond sector. We are the largest recycled diamond buyer in the world that has a direct to consumer website giving us the unique ability to give you the best possible prices in the market place.

Our free, secure postal service and insurance enables you to send items of any value to us for sale. Our office based in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter is open for you to receive a personal valuation and an instant offer to buy your diamond items.

The primary drawback to auction houses is that selling can be a long process. There is no guarantee of a sale and there are fees deducted from your final offer.

Once again, this can be a lengthy selling process.

This can be a bit of a needle in haystack situation as you are looking for someone interested in your exact at piece.

Jewellry shops only buy items that have an appeal to that local market.

How To Choose The Best UK Diamond Buyer?

Where you sell your diamonds is important. You want to sell to a trustworthy buyer who takes your privacy seriously. WP Diamonds is here to help.


It’s essential that the diamond buyer you choose has a methodical approach to diamond valuation, using fair and consistent pricing. They should be willing to explain why they have come up with the price quote that they give you. The same principle applies when they evaluate the item in person; they should tell you what the experts have concluded about the valuation and not try to hard-sell you a price you don’t want.


It’s vital that a buyer understands the market and has strong connections within it. The second-hand diamond market for polished stones is a detailed and complex place. Buyers that work with experienced professionals and have an in-depth knowledge of the marketplace are able to offer the fairest prices. Experience goes hand in hand with trust. WP Diamonds has over 150 years of combined experience in diamond and jewellery valuation, employing some of the industry’s most knowledgeable experts.


Trustworthy buyers understand that the safety and security of customer’s luxury items is first and foremost. They should insure items during shipping and follow strict procedures in place. Including opening packages from customers on video, having offices which have security measures in place and well-trained staff.

What Our Customers Have Said

Our Offices


Berkeley Square House
Berkeley Square, Mayfair
London, W1J 6BD, UK


212 JQ Modern
120 Vyse Street, Hockley
Birmingham, B18 6NF, UK

New York

535 5th Avenue, 11th Floor,
New York, New York
10017, USA

Berkeley Square House
Berkeley Square, Mayfair
London, W1J 6BD, UK

212 JQ Modern
120 Vyse Street, Hockley
Birmingham, B18 6NF, UK

535 5th Avenue, 11th Floor,
New York, New York
10017, USA