Our Trust Guarantee

At WP Diamonds, we take the safety and security of your diamonds, jewelry, luxury watches and handbags seriously. We understand that working with a reputable and trustworthy buyer is of paramount importance when selling your goods.

See below the steps we take to guarantee the protection and trust of our customers.

Our selling process was designed with the safety of your luxury items in mind

100% Trust Guarantee

Refuse our offer and trust us to return your items 100%.

We first provide our customers with a free price quote. To receive a final offer, WP Diamonds offers free overnight shipping and insurance to send your items in to our headquarters. If you accept our final price, we get you paid OR we return your items at no cost. There is no obligation to sell and if you refuse the offer, we guarantee to return your jewelry.

ship to WP Diamonds
insurance value

Items are fully insured

Your diamonds, jewelry and luxury watches are always insured for the high end of your price range.

When shipping your jewelry to WP Diamonds, we insure your goods for the high end of the initial price range we provided you with. We work with FedEx and Brinks to insure safe shipping of your items.

Always opened on camera

When you send your diamonds, jewelry or watches to WP Diamonds, these are opened on camera for your protection.

We follow strict protocol at our highly secure headquarters in New York City. This ensures that your items are entirely safe at every stage of the process.

items are opened on camera

Secure Transactions

Our customers are given the option of getting paid by wire, check or even cash (appointments only).

Wire is the most popular and quickest option for getting paid, but we also offer the option of check. Cash is limited to appointments only.