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Top 7 Most Affordable Chanel Bags

June 1, 2021 - Handbag Articles
While Chanel is synonymous with elegance, luxuriousness and timelessness, this French fashion house is also known for being quite expensive. We’ve rounded up the top 7 most affordable Chanel bags to consider adding to your bag collection that won’t cross its typical $5,000+ price tag.


What Are The Top 7 Most Affordable Chanel Bags?

  1. Small Vanity With Chain Bag
  2. Clutches With Chain
  3. Wallets On Chain
  4. Mini 2.55 Bag
  5. Large Shopping Bag
  6. Mini Flap Bag
  7. Small Chanel Boy


Top 7 Most Affordable Chanel Bags


1. Small Vanity With Chain Bag

Starting at: $1,700

This adorable little bag doesn’t have a dimension over 5 inches and tops our list of most affordable Chanel bags. As the name indicates, it is a vanity-style bag with a longer strap and tiny top handle. Big enough just for the essentials, it can comfortably fit keys, some cards, Airpods, and even has a slot for lipstick or balm. Perfect for days where you don’t need more than the necessities.

This bag’s ‘CC’ zipper, caviar leather, and iconic quilting offer the trifecta of features you’ll get from Chanel bags for 4x the price. This tiny, yet relatively affordable bag is one of our top picks for investment pieces from this brand. While a newer debut in only three colors for now, this vanity bag’s popularity has our experts guessing it’ll debut in more colors and textures in the future.


2. Clutches with Chain

Starting at: $1,875

Similar to the Wallet on Chain versions, the Chanel Clutches with Chain come in styles similar to the classics. This time, however, the brand makes them in a greater variety of shapes. Circle, square and rectangular versions make this line up more unique, but that means it also carries a lot less.

Consider the Clutches on Chain as your go-to evening bag. Perfect for when you need to be carrying your phone and need little more than your lipstick and credit cards. Despite not being able to hold a lot, this collection features a vast variety of textiles, colors, and strap chains. Meaning, you can find the ideal affordable Chanel bag to suit your taste and style.


3. Wallets On Chain

Starting at: $2,300

Whether you’re traveling or enjoying a night out, the Chanel WOC (Wallets on Chain) is a great way to obtain a Chanel bag at an affordable price. It also allows you to get a taste of the more expensive, full-sized offerings with Chanel 19, Boy, and Classic Wallet on Chain versions available in a slew of colors.

All Wallet on Chain bags have six card slots plus a main compartment that can fit most phones. Bonus: there’s a small pocket in the back for easy access to anything you’d like to keep close. Its 24 inch chain strap adds to its versatility as a shoulder or crossbody.

In the last few years, Chanel has added options to this line such as Mini versions as well as diversifying the strap with pearl options. The Chanel Wallet on Chain makes for a wonderful first investment and affordable bag from this luxury brand.


Boy Bags from Chanel


4. Mini 2.55 Bag

Starting at: $3,300

The smallest version of its older counterpart, the Chanel 2.55, the mini version uses the same design from the 1955 original but at only 7.8 inches wide. Alternative textiles to leather, like tweed have more affordable price options to consider with all the glamor associated with the 2.55’s larger sizes.

With the iconic logo-less fastening plus usual interior pocket and a longer strap, this bag seamlessly transitions from a day out exploring or running errands to date night or drinks with friends. This take on a Chanel staple is a wonderfully affordable option from the brand’s bag offerings.


5. Large Shopping Tote

Starting at: $3,500

The largest option on this list, the Chanel Large Shopping Tote is a whopping 19.5 inches wide. Whether you’re a student, mother, commuter, or more, this bag is the perfect designer carry-all bag to schlep all you need for the day in style.

Mixed fiber versions of this tote are more affordable than the leather versions. However, they’re also more durable and able to withstand more wear and tear than delicate lambskin or calfskin. Whether you want an all-black version or a hot pink one, the Large Shopping Tote is a great Chanel investment.


6. Mini Flap Bag

Starting at: $3,800

It’s not just a bag, but an icon. The Chanel Classic Flap bag is coveted worldwide but is more affordable than ever in its mini size. Spanning just 6.6 inches, this adorable tiny version has all the features of its larger counterpart. However, it retails well under the Classic Flap’s $6,000+ price tag.

If you’re on the fence about investing in the larger size or want something more unique but still timeless, the Mini Flap bag is the perfect choice. With the well-known quilting with CC front flap fastening, the Chanel Mini Flap bag can hold your smaller essentials perfectly. Whether dressed up or down, the Mini Flap transitions well for any look. With the Classic Flap increasing by $4,000 in retail price since 2010, the mini version is a worthwhile, accessible investment.


7. Small Chanel Boy Bag

Starting at: $3,900

Instantly recognizable with its silhouette, quilted leather center and clean, angular lines framing it is the Chanel Boy Bag. With no mini version available, the small option is the most affordable one of the Boy bag sizes.

Alternative textiles like velvet and tweed are again at more accessible price points with various colors available as well as grained or smooth calfskin leather bag options. At 8 inches wide, this bag will easily hold a standard wallet, phone and more with ease.

The roughly 51 inch strap easily transitions to a double strap shoulder bag, crossbody or even tucked under your arm as a clutch. However you like to wear it, the small Boy bag is a relatively affordable Chanel piece that with price increases every year continues to grow in popularity and value.


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Where to buy affordable Chanel bags

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