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Top Luxury Watches for Women

August 30, 2020 - Watch Articles
When looking to start or expand a women’s luxury watch collection, finding the perfect timepiece among the endless assortment of watches on the market can feel daunting. As luxury women’s watches can easily cost thousands of dollars, you want to ensure that you are selecting a high quality timepiece that’s durable, reliable and perfectly fits your style. While not everyone has the time to meticulously compare multiple luxury watch brands and models, we asked our watch experts for their top luxury watches for women.

Our top 3 luxury watches for women all possess exceptional durability, accuracy and a timeless design. Keep reading to discover your next favorite timepiece.


Top 3 luxury watches for women:

  1. Cartier – Panthere de Cartier
  2. Rolex – Lady-Datejust
  3. Patek Philippe – Twenty-4


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1. Cartier – Panthere de Cartier

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First up on our list of the top luxury watches for women is the Panthere de Cartier. The wild panther has been Cartier’s muse since 1914, after Louis Cartier became so enamored with his commissioned painting, “Woman with a Panther” by George Barbier, of a women with a panther at her feet.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Cartier’s iconic panther expanded from just Cartier’s jewelry collection and influenced their timepieces. Arnaud Carrez, Cartier’s global communications and marketing director explained that, “The Panthere is at the crossroads between a jewel and a watch.”

When the Panthere watch collection debuted in 1983, they were quickly loved by fashionistas and celebrities. As the Panthere de Cartier comes in all three gold types as well as steel, they can accommodate anyone’s style. The Panthere’s case is square with curved edges while its crown and lungs are tapered to accent the fluid design of the case. Thanks to the watch’s quartz movement, its case is thin. 8 small exposed screw heads sit on the sapphire crystal bezel and certain models offer a brilliant diamond set bezel. The dial is incredibly legible thanks it its roman numeral hour markers, with Cartier’s signature incorporated at 10 o’clock, and railway track index.

When Cartier first introduced this timepiece, they wanted the Panthere to reach a younger client base, which was also true when Panthere de Cartier was revived in 2017. Arnaud Carrez stated, “It was clear we needed a strong manifesto for women and rather than design a new watch it made much more sense to re-launch something that has the potential to become an icon all over again.”

The Panthere’s fierce yet sophisticated style remained, but now with several structural revisions such as increased water resistance and a stronger 5-link bracelet. The watch is available in a variety of metals including yellow gold, white gold and pink gold.

This watch features:

  • A quartz movement which helps to keep the case thin.
  • Highly legible dial because of the roman numeral hour markers and a railways track index.
  • Functionality as the perfect accompaniment when layering Cartier’s jewelry on the wrist.

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2. Rolex – Lady-Datejust

When discussing the top 3 luxury watches for women, we would be remise to not include Rolex’s Lady-Datejust. Originally released in 1945, the Datejust collection has been a celebrated timepiece for both men and women.

This widely recognized watch is equipped with a mechanical movement and available in various metals, dials, bezels, hour markers and bracelets. A top selling combination for the Lady-Datejust has been the champagne dial, brilliant cut diamonds as hour markers, Oystersteel and gold construction with the jubilee bracelet.

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With a mere deviation of +2/-2 seconds a day, the Lady-Datejust is a certified Swiss Chronometer with such remarkable accuracy, that it even surpasses the strict regulations of the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute. Thanks to the Lady-Datejust’s excellent craftsmanship, exceptionally reliable movement and array of features it’s no wonder why the Lady-Datejust ranks among the top 3 luxury watches for women.

This watch features:

  • A Date aperture at 3 o’clock which quickly adjusts the date at midnight.
  • A cyclops lens over the date aperture to magnify the date.
  • A parachrom hairspring within the movement allows for excellent shock resistance.
  • With the new caliber 3135 movement, this Datejust provides a remarkable 70-hour power reserve, with the previous movement offering a 48-hour power reserve.

3. Patek Philippe – Twenty-4

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Concluding our list of the top 3 luxury watches for women is Patek Philippe’s Twenty-4 watch. This timepiece was inspired by Patek Philippe’s Gondolo watches which feature a rectangular case and Art-Deco style. The Twenty-4’s rectangular case and integrated link bracelet’s perfectly contours the wearer’s wrist. Furthermore, the bracelet’s fold-over clasp proudly displays Patek Philippe’s iconic cross.

The timepiece’s elegant dial features roman numerals at 6 and 10 o’clock with the other hours represented by diamonds. Also, two rows of diamonds sit on the sides of case, enhancing the overall brilliance of the Twenty-4.

According to Patek Philippe, the Twenty-4 encapsulates, “timeless feminine elegance”. It’s no wonder why the Twenty-4 is so well received among female watch enthusiasts. True to the watch’s name, the Twenty-4 can be worn at any time of day and is perfect for any occasion. The Twenty-4 watch is in such high demand that sometimes wearer’s-to-be must join a waiting list, which watch enthusiasts endure so as to one day enjoy one of the top 3 luxury watches for women.

This watch features:

  • Style that adapts to any time and occasion
  • Accurate timekeeping with its E15 quartz movement
  • Luminous hands

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Bio: Written by one of our diamond, designer jewelry or luxury watch experts. With over 150 years of combined experience, our experts are able to comment on trends, share industry knowledge and provide diamond, designer jewelry and luxury watch education.

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