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10 Top Celebrity Jewelry Pieces

August 15, 2017 - Jewelry Articles
Celebrities influence the fashion landscape more than ever. With social media allowing their fashion choices to be increasingly accessible; it is easier than ever to find out what your favorite celebrities are loving on the red carpet at the Golden Globes or in their daily lives. We take a close look at the 10 top celebrity jewelry favorites.

Some designer jewelry pieces create a sensation among celebrities and are a jewelry trend for a season or two, whereas others remain eternally classic and en vogue.


Top 10 Celebrity Jewelry Favorites:

  1. Jacquie Aiche Triple Cross Choker
  2. Tacori Ivy Lane Pavé Chevron Studs
  3. Monica Vinader earrings
  4. Allison Lou choker
  5. Messika Double Glam’Azone Ring
  6. Cartier Love Bracelet
  7. Bulgari Serpenti Watch
  8. Hermes Enamel Hinged Bracelet
  9. Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Necklace
  10. Vintage Chanel Earrings


top celebrity jewelry

1. Jacquie Aiche Triple Cross Choker: $2,040

As seen on: Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Kourtney Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens

It is no secret that 90s fashion has seen a major comeback over the last couple of years. From crop tops to double denim to choker necklaces, there is no dying that the 90s are back. In terms of jewelry, there is nothing more 90s than a choker necklace.

The Jacquie Aiche Trip Cross Choker retails at $2040 and is described as “2 diamond triple pave diamond cross charm choker necklace”. Layering necklaces is another trend that has reemerged over the last year and celebrities have been spotted layering this piece.


2. Tacori Ivy Lane Pavé Chevron Studs: $890

As seen on: Emily Blunt, Kate Walsh

These simple geometric diamond stud earrings come in a variety of different metals and have been spotted on celebrities such as Emily Blunt. Other celebrities such as Beyoncé and Christina Hendricks are also reported fans of the designer jewelry brand.


3. Monica Vinader earrings $135 – $4,995

As seen on: Jennifer Lopez, Olivia Palermo

Monica Vinader’s collections are more similar to that of a fashion jewelry brand, as different designs come and go more frequently than in higher end brands. However, Monica Vinader’s dainty drop earrings have been extremely popular among celebrities over the last few years. The earrings range from a more affordable $135 to a much more costly $4,995.


4. Allison Lou choker: $250

As seen on: Karlie Kloss, Elle Fanning, Emma Roberts

This might seem like one of the more modestly priced items, however, considering the simplicity of the piece and the fact that it is one of the least expensive items in Allison Lou’s collection – it is certainly not any old high-street choker. Millennial celebrities have been loving this playful choker by the up-and-coming designer. The choker’s feature a pendant emoji made of 14K gold.


5. Messika Double Glam’Azone Ring: $4,000+

As seen on: Beyoncé, Kendall Jenner

Messika is a relatively small, niche brand in relation to the likes of Cartier, Bulgari and Chanel, but celebrities seem to love it nonetheless. Beyoncé was reportedly their first celebrity to post a picture of her Messika ring on Instagram, which then led to Selena Gomez and a number of other celebrities to grow an interest in the brand.

top luxury designer brands


6. Cartier Love Bracelet: $1,210 – $52,000

As seen on: Kylie Jenner, Pippa Middleton, Elizabeth Taylor, Angelina Jolie, Kanye West, Jennifer Aniston, Katie Holmes

It comes as no surprise that the iconic Cartier Love bracelet features in the 10 top celebrity jewelry list.

Business Insider described the Cartier Love Bracelet as “the new millennial status symbol”. However, this bracelet has been gracing celebrities’ wrists since its creation in 1969. The bracelets are locked with a screwdriver, as a symbol of eternal love. Celebrities such as Kylie Jenner have been seen stacking several of them on one wrist, she once even posted a video of her bodyguard having to help her remove one!


7. Bulgari Serpenti Watch: $3,850 – $30,900+

As seen on: Elizabeth Taylor, Naomi Watts, Ashley Olsen

Elizabeth Taylor raised this watch’s popularity during her Cleopatra days. The watch wraps around the wrist like a snake and comes in an extensive variety of materials and styles. Ashley Olsen has even been seen wearing more than one at a time.


top celebrity jewelry pieces


8. Hermes Enamel Hinged Bracelet: $600+

As seen on: Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria

This classic Hermes piece comes in a variety of different patterns, shades and metals. Similarly to the Cartier Love Bracelet, this one is another bracelet that celebrities love to stack and layer.


van cleef alhambra


9. Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Necklace: $5,050 – $103,000

As seen on: Lily Collins, Heidi Klum, Mariah Carey, Reese Witherspoon

The Alhambra Collection debuted in 1968, but is still highly coveted by celebrities. There is no denying that Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry designs are the epitome of luxury, with price tags reaching the hundreds of thousands of dollars.


10. Vintage Chanel Earrings: $ variable

As seen on: Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Paris Hilton, Lana del Rey, Blake Lively

Finishing off our list of the top celebrity jewelry are vintage Chanel earrings. Chanel never goes out of style which means rarer, vintage Chanel pieces are particularly sought after.

Some of the most popular Chanel earrings are the logo studs – the logo alone is iconic enough that Chanel earrings don’t require intricate designs to be popular among celebrities.

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