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The Top 6 Chopard Watches

April 28, 2021 - Watch Articles
You might love Chopard because you’re a racing enthusiast or lover of jewelry. But this article will delve into the brand’s roots of watch-making by highlighting the top Chopard watches.

Since the brand’s inception in 1860, Chopard has made a name long known for their emphasis on craftsmanship, precision, sustainability, and prestige as a Swiss watch brand. It is also one of the last family-owned watch manufacturing companies still operating today.

We take a close look at the top 6 Chopard watches along with how to buy and sell them for the best prices.


Top Chopard Watches

  1. Mille Miglia
  2. Happy Sport
  3. Happy Diamonds
  4. Imperiale
  5. L.U.C.
  6. Alpine Eagle


Top Chopard Watches


1. Mille Miglia

Average Retail Price Range: $4,950 to $10,600

Aptly named after ‘the most beautiful car race in the world‘, the Mille Miglia watch line by Chopard is infamous and one of the brand’s most well-known creations.

The timekeeper of this Italian race, Chopard and the Mille Miglia have a partnership that dates back to 1988. Every year Chopard designs a unique watch gifted to drivers of this race. As you might expect, this line of watches is popular with car-enthusiasts.

Crafted with stainless steel, the Mille Miglia collection has varying features and detailing that allows every Chopard fan to find the ideal chronograph sports watch that suits them. The Classic line pays tribute to sports cars from 1927-1940 while the GTS line is an homage to cars between 1940-1957 that took part in this iconic Italian race. The heritage and infamy of this line make it a customer favorite and top Chopard watch.


2. Happy Sport

Average Retail Price Range: $4,240 to $44,800

Created by Caroline Scheufele, the Artistic Director and Co-President of Chopard, the Happy Sport line came about in 1993. It’s a more casual option that still kept the sparkle associated with the Happy Diamonds collection.

The Happy Sport line is the first in the industry to combine steel and diamonds in one unique watch. Rarer editions with more elaborate diamonds and sapphires can also be found for well above the normal retail price.

Considered an any-occasion sports watch, it’s no wonder this diamond watch line is an everyday favorite with Chopard creating more versions every year


Happy Diamonds Watch


3. Happy Diamonds

Average Retail Price Range: $8,560 to $49,800

Named to capture the Joie de Vivre, the exuberance and enjoyment of life, the Happy Diamonds collection revolutionized watchmaking. Created in 1976, the reflective nature of water inspired the design. The idea to create moving diamonds within a watch face was the first of its kind.

The design was no easy feat, creating the freeness of the diamonds to move around without scratching the rest of the watch or the other floating diamonds around it. Upon its debut, the watch won many awards and was highly sought after by both men and women alike.

Today the Happy Diamonds line is a Chopard best-seller that continues to innovate with new designs to showcase the free-floating sparkle at the center of this infamous design.


4. Imperiale

Average Retail Price Range: $4,880 to $52,600

Combining style with functionality, the Chopard Imperiale is a stunning dress watch inspired by the great impresses of the past. Introduced in 1994, this collection features a variety of diamond-pavé detailing that combined jewelry and watches into one.

Crafted for both men and women, the Imperiale line is most known for its bling factor, bringing an elevated approach to combining diamonds and gems with that of watches, making it a popular choice for a Chopard watch.


5. L.U.C.

Average Retail Price Range: $7,950 to $57,000

The name of this collection is made up of the initials of Louis Ulysse Chopard, the founder of Chopard. L.U.C. watches pay homage to the heritage of the brand as the highest caliber mechanical watch on the market.

The line debuted in 1997 and was an instant success. With multiple dials and other features of original Chopard watches, the L.U.C line is constantly being added to for both men and women.


Alpine Eagle Watch


6. Alpine Eagle

Average Retail Price Range: $9,800 to $45,000

Crafted for both men and women, the Alpine Eagle is a revival of the St. Mortiz watch introduced in the 1980s. The Alps in the company’s native home base of Switzerland inspired the design, along with the eagle, known for its majestic strength.

Designed to be seamlessly worn in both formal and informal settings, the Alpine Eagle line is a beautifully made sports watch with screwed bezel detailing and water-resistant for up to 100 meters.

The brand uses a unique partially recycled stainless steel called ‘Lucent Steel A223’ to create this line. Only 20 of each kind of Alpine Eagle watches are made, creating exclusivity for those who are able to own one.


Where to buy Chopard watches

As illustrated by the average retail price ranges of these luxury watches, the quality and craftsmanship of a Chopard watch can come with quite the price tag.

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Where to sell Chopard watches

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