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September Birthstone: Sapphire

September 1, 2017 - Jewelry Articles
For those born in September, sapphire is your birthstone. These striking gemstones symbolize nobility, wisdom and good fortune. In honor of September’s official birthstone, let’s take a deeper look at the following:

1. The history of sapphires

2. Sapphires as a birthstone

3. Sapphire colors and what they represent

4. Famous sapphires

5. Where can I sell my sapphire?



Sapphires are found in many parts of the world, including China, Brazil, Australia and Africa to name a few. The best quality and most valuable sapphires typically hail from India’s Kashmir region, Burma and Sri Lanka. Known as the September birthstone, the name derives from the Greek word sappheiros which likely refers to another blue-colored stone called lapis lazuli.

Believed to represent trust, loyalty, and honesty, sapphires have played a significant role in history. Considered a holy stone by the Catholic Church and rulers of ancient Persia alike, they believed that the sky was blue due to the reflection of sapphire stones. Kings and queens in ancient Greece believed that these stones protected them from harm. Prince Charles gave his then fiancé Diana, a large blue sapphire engagement ring.



As the birthstone of September, sapphires are said to bring peace, mental clarity and have calming properties. Throughout history, sapphires have been closely connected to mystical powers. They were believed to have the capacity to heal diseases and provide protection.

Other qualities sapphires are said to have include:

  • Joy
  • Hope
  • Improved communication
  • Faith
  • Good fortune
  • Strength
  • Wisdom
  • Loyalty
  • Combat depression

history of sapphire

Sapphires exist in a wide variety of colors. There are yellow, pink, green, orange and purple sapphires, but it is the royal blue color that represents September. Red sapphire, however, are commonly known as rubies. Here are some sapphire colors and what they are believed to represent:

  • Pink/Orange or Padparadscha Sapphire– Commonly found in Sri Lanka, Madagascar or Tanzania, his salmon colored sapphire is said to unleash creativity and as such is often favored by artists.
  • Violet Sapphire– These ensure unity and tranquility.
  • Black Sapphire– Said to calm worries and misery.
  • Yellow Sapphire – Yellow sapphires boost intelligence and success. They are believed to increase wealth and help center one’s focus, goals and ambitions in life.
  • Green Sapphire –  Green sapphires bring faithfulness and honesty. They improve sympathy and restores vision in dreams.
  • White Sapphire –  These urges resilience that helps defeat tough situations in life and calm the mind.
  • Pink Sapphire – It encompasses love, mercy, and acceptance of what is gone.



  • Logan Blue Sapphire– Donated to the Smithsonian Institution, this blue sapphire is considered the second largest sapphire in the world. This 423ct cushion cut stone hails from Sri Lanka and was named after Mrs. John A. Logan.
  • Blue Giant of the Orient– Dubbed the largest faceted sapphire in the world, this 466ct gemstone was first discovered in Sri Lanka in 1907. It is sometimes referred to as the Kashmir sapphire.
  • Star of India– At 563.35ct, the Star of India is considered among the largest sapphires known to man. J.P. Morgan donated this gem to the American Museum of Natural History in the early 20th century before it was stolen from the museum in 1964. It was later found in a locker in Miami.
  • Stuart Sapphire– Believed to have belonged to Charles II in the 15th century, this 104ct sapphire is currently on display with the Royal Crown Jewels in London.
  • The “Commoner’s Sapphire”– This 12ct royal sapphire engagement ring was first worn by Princess Diana in 1981 and subsequently given to Kate Middleton by Prince William for their engagement in 2010.

what does the sapphire symbolize


If you are wondering, “how much is my sapphire worth?” or trying to find the best way to sell your sapphire quickly and for the best price, let’s look at some of the options available to you. Some of the most popular ways to sell your sapphire include:

  • eBay/Craigslist– Non-specialist gemstone and sapphire buyers like eBay and Craigslist are user-friendly platforms for selling a wide range of goods. However, this is not always the best place to sell expensive jewelry or gemstones as you will not benefit from working with qualified gemologists who can advise you on the quality of your stone or how much to sell your sapphire for. Furthermore, selling in this way is not a quick or guaranteed sale.
  • Consignment– This option can get you a higher price for your sapphire. However, the process can be time-consuming and it is important to remember that should your sapphire sell, the jeweler will also charge a percentage of sale price.
  • Pawnshop– Pawnshops are popular as they can get you paid quickly. The catch, however, is that their lack of knowledge on precious gemstones frequently results in low offers.
  • Online Specialist Sapphire Buyers– WP Diamonds offers a quick and safe way to sell your designer jewelry sapphires online or in person for the best price. Simply fill out the online form to receive a price quote for your sapphire then send your stone to us (free overnight and insured shipping is provided) or schedule an in person appointment with our GIA trained gemologists. Our service can take as little as 24 hours from filling out the online form to having money in your account. We pride ourselves on offering a safe, professional and stress-free service to our customers. Click the button below to get your price quote today.

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