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One of the most desirable and valuable gemstones is the ruby. Just like sapphires, rubies are a variety of the mineral corundum. Found in countries as far-reaching as Myanmar, Vietnam, Mozambique, Kenya, Afghanistan, and Brazil, rubies are prized for their red color and durable nature. The Sunrise Ruby, a 25.59-carat cushion-cut Burmese ruby mounted by Cartier, was sold at auction for $30.42 million in 2015, setting the record for the most expensive ruby ever sold and the most expensive colored gemstone ever sold. The Sunrise Ruby’s momentous sale has added excitement and mystery to the flourishing ruby market. WP Diamonds is a BBB A+-rated business that specializes in the purchase of designer ruby jewelry and other designer gemstones jewlery. To begin the secure, easy process of selling your designer ruby jewelry, fill out the online form and one of our experts will be in touch shortly with next steps.

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How Do I Sell My Designer Ruby Jewelry Online?

WP Diamonds purchases designer ruby jewelry. Once you have decided you are ready to sell your designer ruby jewelry, there are four easy steps to receiving payment in as little as 24 hours:

  1. Fill out the online form.
  2. Receive initial valuation.
  3. Make an in-person appointment or mail in your designer ruby jewelry by free, fully insured FedEx Overnight Priority mail.
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How Much Is My Designer Ruby Jewelry Worth?

Rubies are some of the most expensive gems, regularly fetching a high price-per-carat on the market. The biggest determinants of the value of your designer ruby jewelry are:

Factor Effect on Your Ruby’s Value
Color Color has the largest impact on your ruby’s value. Just like with other colored gemstones, color is assessed based on hue, saturation, and tone. Hue refers to the actual color of your ruby. Pure red rubies are very rare and are thus the most valuable. Most rubies contain secondary colors of purple, orange, and pink. Saturation refers to the strength or weakness of the ruby’s color, and tone refers to the lightness or darkness of the color. The most desired rubies are neither too dark nor too light, and are a pure, vibrant red. Assessing ruby color can be a tricky and subjective process, and it is important to have an expert on-hand.
Clarity The clarity of your ruby is a reflection of any inclusions (flaws) your stone may have. Most rubies have some inclusions, but the value of your ruby depends on the size, placement, and appearance of these inclusions. Generally, the more flawed your ruby, the less valuable. On the other hand, many rubies contain long, slender inclusions that intersect and appear as a star shape within the ruby. This star effect is called asterism and can have a positive impact on the value of your ruby.
Cut Different cuts can affect the color and appearance of your ruby, altering its value. Additionally, certain cuts will be in higher demand at the time of sale, and will fetch a higher price on the market.
Carat Weight Carat weight has a large effect on the value of your ruby. As carat weight increases, price-per-carat increases dramatically.
Origin The geographic origin of your item can have a significant impact on its value. If you are unsure of the source of your ruby, the presence of inclusions that are specific to a geographic region will enable an expert to determine the geographic provenance of your piece. Generally, some of the most valuable rubies are those that hail from Burma.
Treatments Many rubies have been treated in order to change their color or clarity. Some common treatments include filling inclusions with glass to make them less apparent to the naked eye, heating rubies to remove purplish colorations and some small inclusions, and filling rubies with beryllium in order to accentuate a ruby’s red color. Heating is very common treatment amongst rubies. Rubies that have been diffused or filled with glass are typically worth less than those that have been heated.

What If I Don’t Have Any Information About My Designer Ruby Jewelry?

If you don’t know the carat weight, cut, clarity, etc. of your designer ruby jewelry, you can have your designer ruby jewelry assessed by an expert. The most reliable reports are issued by the GIA, AGL, and Gübelin. These reports can be important to provide to your potential buyer; the more information you provide your buyer, the more accurately your buyer will be able to assess and price your item.

Where Can I Sell My Designer Ruby Jewelry?

One of the most important decisions you will make during the selling process is where to sell your designer ruby jewelry. The following information will be helpful and ensure your decision is as easy as possible. Some of the most popular ways to sell your designer ruby jewelry are:

    • Online Auction House – Selling to an online auction house can be convenient, but it is a lengthy process. No guarantee of sale and there may be extra fees and costs. The reserve may be set low and your item may be purchased for a cheap price.
    • Pawnshop – Selling to a pawnshop can be an easy transaction, but pawnshop owners will not have the expertise to price your item accurately. Pawnshop owners also may not be able to price your item competitively as they are most likely looking turn your item around for a quick profit by selling to a specialized designer gemstone jewelry buyer.
    • Craiglist/eBay – Though very user-friendly, Craigslist and eBay are inconvenient and may make it difficult to receive a high price for your designer ruby jewelry due to lack of a specialized market. Difficult to accurately price your designer ruby jewelry. Not the right place for a high-end designer gemstone jewelry.
    • Jeweler on Consignment – May have the knowledge to correctly price your designer ruby jewelry. Access to market of consumers actively looking to purchase gemstones is helpful. Still, it can be a lengthy process with fees and no guarantee of sale. Jewelers may struggle to sell such a valuable item.
    • Online Specialist Buyer – Easy, secure process. Specialist buyers like WP Diamonds have the expertise to accurately assess and price your designer ruby jewelry. Receive payment in as little as 24 hours.


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Why WP Diamonds?

WP Diamonds is a leading online buyer of designer ruby jewelry and other designer gemstone jewelry. Selling your designer ruby jewelry through WP Diamonds will ensure you receive the best price for your item. Due to WP Diamonds’ large, international size, we have more buying power and can offer you competitive prices for your designer ruby jewelry. WP Diamonds’ in-house designer ruby jewelry specialists are here to expertly assess and price your designer ruby jewelry. Fill out the online form and you will receive your initial valuation shortly.

Ruby Red

The name “ruby” comes from “ruber”, the Latin word for red. Rubies’ red color is a result of trace amounts of chromium within the corundum mineral.

The most valuable, prized ruby color is known as “pigeon’s blood” red. This shade of red is a vibrant red to slightly purplish red color with a subtle red fluorescence. Because of the rarity of this color, “pigeon’s blood” rubies are by far the most valuable type of ruby.

There is some confusion within the gemstone world regarding the difference between rubies and pink sapphires. Rubies are red corundum gems, and sapphires are all non-red colored corundum gems. Because pink is often considered a light shade of red, it can be difficult to determine when a pink-hued ruby becomes a sapphire. The GIA, the organization that typically sets industry standards, considers rubies as corundum gems with a dominant red hue. Still, determining what hue is dominant in a ruby can be subjective. WP Diamonds accepts a variety of designer gemstone jewelry, and our in-house experts are on-hand to accurately assess and price your gem.

Why Are Rubies So Valuable?

Not only are rubies so valuable because of their rarity, but also because of their great historical and cultural significance. As a symbol of passion, power, and prosperity, the ruby was collected and treasured by early cultures. Early written records mention rubies being passed and traded along the Silk Road towards Western China. They have even played an important role in British royal jewels, traditionally included as the main stone in the coronation ring. Historically, in Indian and Chinese cultures, rubies often adorned armor and swords. Rubies’ extensive and meaningful place in history continues to add to the mystery and allure of rubies today.