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Free, fully Insured service

WP Diamonds offers free shipping and insurance when you sell your diamonds, jewelry, luxury watches or bags to us. We have selected FedEx (powered by Brinks) as our preferred shipper. We ask that you FedEx your items to us so that we can complete a full valuation – completed by our expert team. Brinks provides services to banks, financial institutions, governments, mines, diamond cutters, jewelry manufacturers and retailers worldwide. If you have any doubts about the insurance cover for your item please speak to a Client Manager (646 758 0270).

We open all of your items on camera when they arrive in the office and can use video evidence to aid the processing of any insurance claims. Any item(s) can be sent by FedEx and insured for up to $200,000 per package under our current insurance policy.

More expensive items can easily be sent by Brinks armored delivery, and this can be arranged for you by WP Diamonds.

In the extremely unlikely event of a claim, WP Diamonds will process the claim on your behalf and provide guidance and assistance.


When Does My Coverage Start?

When you are issued with your Shipping Label you have 14 days to use it. If you still wish to send us your items for valuation after 14 days, please let us know and we will gladly issue a new label. Sending items outside of this 14 day period will mean that your shipment won’t be insured by WP Diamonds.

If I want my items back will they be insured?

If we need, for any reason, to return your items this will also be covered by our insurance policy.

How much are items insured for?

We will agree an insurance value for your items to cover their entire worth. We insure all items individually so that you will never be in a situation where you lose money by dealing with WP Diamonds. Speak with a Client Manager to obtain the precise insurance figure.

Diamonds and Watches are valuable. Will they be stolen?

It is extremely unlikely that there will be any problems with theft of your items. The insured dollar amount will not appear on the front of the label. Please DO NOT communicate to FedEx or anyone else the value or contents of the package. This is a normal precaution and will add to the safety of your items.

Tracking items sent to us

You can use your tracking number to find out the progress of your package. Insert your tracking code number here- FedExTracking – to see the status of your shipment.

The FedEx Service

We ship your items via FedEx Priority Overnight meaning that your items will be at the New York valuation center the next day. We will in almost all cases make you an offer on the same day your item arrives. We communicate our offers by phone.

Once you have completed our online form and we have considered the approximate value of your items we will be able to issue you with a shipping label. You will need to print this label and take it with you to your local FedEx location with your wrapped item(s.) Please take care to wrap-up your diamonds, jewelry, watch or bag before you take them to FedEx. Whilst at FedEx you should ask for two different sized FedEx boxes to put your items inside. You should place your item(s) in the smaller box and seal it and then place the smaller FedEx box inside a larger FedEx box. This offers your items increased protection. Full instructions are provided when we issue you with your label.

You can find your nearest FedEx location here: FedEx local Branch Finder

Have more questions?

If you have any questions or concerns and would like to reach out to us please do so. Our office hours are Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm EST and you can call us on 646-758-0270 during these times or email

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WP Diamonds has a team of expert buyers covering every corner of the diamond, jewelry, luxury watch and bag industry. We will provide you with a professional valuation of your items and provide instant payments in appointments and cash within 24 hours for postal customers.

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