Selling diamonds, luxury jewelry, watches and handbags online is fast and secure. We are one of the world’s largest diamond buyers and will give you a fast and fair evaluation of your diamonds. We also purchase branded jewelry, designer bags and watches. You can send your items with free shipping and free insurance or attend an appointment in NYC, the UK, Tokyo and Hong Kong. The whole process is fast and simple and we are here to guide you every step of the way.

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Selling online gives you access to the global markets


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How it works

You can sell diamonds online from anywhere in the USA and the rest of the world. We also purchase jewelry, designer bags and luxury watches. WP Diamonds is a different kind of diamond buyer. We have taken a traditional business model and made the process fast, simple and secure. We are different to auctions. You will get your money in 24 hours and we don’t take any fees and you will be able to sell with the certainty that you will have a buyer and you will know the returns you can expect.

  1. Complete our valuation form – Please supply as much detail as possible. Our team will get to work immediately handling your inquiry.
  2. Receive your initial valuation by phone or email – The valuation will be based on the information you have provided.
  3. Ship us your items or make an appointment – our shipments are fully insured via FedEx at no charge to you
  4. A member of our team will contact you with a full valuation and offer – They take into account a range of factors in giving a valuation of diamonds.
  5. If you accept our offer, payment can be received within 24 hours or we will give you a check in the appointment

WP diamonds will provide you with free shipping and free insurance so you can send your items to our valuation center to obtain a full Expert Valuation. You will be issued with a FedEx Priority Overnight shipping label which is valid for 14 days from the point of issue. You will need to locate your nearest FedEx branch and take your items in to be shipped. You will receive full instructions on how to package your items for the maximum security and peace of mind. Remember you can send from anywhere in the US and Canada. For more details on FedEx branch locations, tracking your items and shipping do’s and dont’s visit their site here. We will provide you with full instructions however.

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How to sell diamonds online

When you sell diamonds online the main benefits are potential price uplifts and time saving. Rather than making in-person appointments selling online can be as simple as completing an online form. Online buyers have access to national and global markets with a potential upside in returns.

The most important thing is to choose someone you trust. Here we provide some advice on what to look out for. Scrutinize their review both online and offline if necessary, look at Yelp, Google + reviews. Double check how genuine the reviews are. A Better Business Bureau Rating and track record is important, you can look at their history on the BBB website. Seemingly too good to be true price ranges often are, tightness of ranges are important, e.g. $2000-$4000 for a GIA certified stone is too wide. Communications are key. Are they available via phone? Are their emails professional? Do they respond quickly? Does the business have a physical location? The ability to setup an appointment in addition to selling online should make you more assured. If a company is making you pay any costs in the sale then think twice.

Where to sell diamonds online?

Selecting the correct outlet/buyer for your diamonds, jewelry, bags and watches is important as it will enable you to achieve the price you want and to sell in a safe and secure manner. The biggest challenge is selling to a genuine buyers in a realistic time frame.

Pros Cons
Direct Online Very fast and with good returns Finding a trustworthy buyer is not always easy
Online Auction Very exclusive items achieve good results Variable prices mean uncertain returns and selling can take a long time or may not sell
Online Consignment Results can be good if you can find the right platform Expect your item to take a long time to sell, with a high possibility of not selling at all
eBay Its a large platform with a lot of users A lot of the buyers are traders or diamond dealers looking for bargains
Craigslist The cost of selling is very cheap Finding someone can take a long time and there are risks selling face to face to strangers
Online Pawnbroker Good for very low value items Most pawnbrokers will give you limited diamond value and push you to loan instead


Businesses like WP Diamonds have become popular as you are able to release the value in your assets very quickly without waiting to find an person that wants your exact item. They are also much securer than some of the private routes.

Why sell online?

Selling diamonds, jewelry, bags and watches online is a relatively new part of the growing e-commerce market. It represents significant opportunities for consumers to have generate better returns and a better experience than selling locally.

  1. Selling online means significantly less hassle, no driving to locations is necessary
  2. Online buyers have connections across the world and purchase a larger range of items
  3. Online buyers pass market price changes quickly to consumers
  4. Free up finance to do something positive with the money
  5. Upgrade or downgrade and find another special piece for your collection

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